Jail Visit

jail visit.jpg

Undated (2016): My auntie Monique came to see me the other day.  She came from GA, her and my cousin.  I haven’t seen them in years.  I must admit, I over enjoyed the visit.  We shared a lot of laughs and old memories as the visit seem only too short.  It’s been years since I’ve seen them and I wasn’t fond of my situation being a jail visit.  My auntie and grandma raised me better than that so I felt a pinch of failure/guilt when she told me how she was given the run around when putting in the effort of filling out a visitor’s list.

HW:  This just made me so happy!  To have people that you love with you—that’s always so special.  And just to hear how much joy that gave you is awesome.  How much you appreciate your family is really inspiring to me.

Makes me think about how I don’t appreciate my family nearly enough.  I think that when you have the chance to pick up the phone every day and just call them, I don’t know, it seems less special.  When it still is so incredibly special to have people that love you, people watching out for you.   It must be tough having that guilt about being in jail.  I’m sure that you would’ve given anything to spend time with them outside of jail.  I bet that’s a huge motivation for you to get out!

SL: Yeah, but it’s sad to say, if I was out I wouldn’t near be as happy to see them as I was behind them bars.  To be honest they not like me.  They…not in touch with they inner savage.  And they dressed weird lol but I love em regardless and I’ll go to war for them.  You frontin yo shit though you need to start callin them even if it’s to say hi and bye trust me it matters.

HW: You know, maybe I just will.  I called my dad the other day and it was the most amazing, joyful thing.  My mom is constantly sending me advice and guidance for which I am incredibly grateful.  And I saw my in-laws last weekend--we moved away and damn I miss them!  Hoping that I can keep up the habit of staying in touch.