Savage Thoughts (Undated 2016): For now on whenever I catch myself caught up in the mess that’s goin on around me in jail or even in America, I must remind myself I’m luck to be even experiencing the type of hardship I’m going through, cause it can always get or be worser. 

My god mother just came back from a trip to Haiti and when I say it’s fucked up out there I mean it’s very fucked up.  She just wrote me and shared her experience with me through some pictures that’s heartbreakin to me.  I don’t know if it’s because they are majority black people that’s hurting or cause they just people.  But it hurt to see their situation and lifestyle they are livin out there.  Damn.  After seeing the lil black kids all dusty and dirty I decided I wanna adopt a shorty from out there one day I will.  A beautiful lil princess.  Ima raise her into a Queen.

HW: Yeah Mrs. Christina showed me those pictures, too. They’re tough to look at…those children are just suffering so much.  Everyone down there is just suffering so much.  I actually had the same exact reaction to those photos that you did…I just feel very called to adopt, and it would be a blessing to have one of those beautiful children in my home (still have to convince my husband of this, lol). 

Mrs. Christina is trying to convince all of us to move down to Haiti and help out the mission down there!  I dunno maybe not permanently but I could see myself going down there for a summer or something, maybe even a year.  Again, have to convince my husband of this…lol.

SL: God Bless that lady heart!  She funny as hell tryna move out there, she frontin her move yo, I ain’t with that but I’ll definitely visist and adopt, that’s something I really need to do.  Yea Ima do that, it’s marched!