HW (5/24/2017): Ughh.  My husband and I have this group of “friends”…I don’t even know what to call them.  I just know that I really really really don't like them.  Well, that’s not fair.  I like them well enough, I guess.  We have fun together, tell stories, laugh, drink, have a good time…but I always dread going to see them.  Like I think sometimes that I’d do anything to avoid seeing them.

The other night I was going to pretend to be sick, just recently I didn’t even come up with an excuse.  I just told my husband that I really really didn’t want to go.  I think a struggle for me is that they’re always so negative, always telling stories about people, talking behind peoples back.  That really gets to me.  Like, sitting through that shit is painful for me.  I know I should be kinder to them...but I don’t want to, lol.

SL: LOL…I would say you don’t have to but IDK y’all relationship but I understand your struggle.  Everybody has a group of friends that just sneak diss all day.  Why?  Who knows maybe it make them feel better about self.  Sound like to me you don’t enjoy phony kickin it.  Which is real.  I like that.  I wouldn’t encourage you to stop hangin with them cuz y’all do have fun. 

I would try to change topics or give them a taste of their own medicine (like you doin now) by bein indirect explain how some people bein negative just gets under your skin, and how you or other people don’t respect people as much when they talk behind people back.  But tbh if it’s not that bad of a problem, just chill and avoid them when your spirits are high.  Kick it when you ready for they energy maybe then you can sneak diss too!  Honestly I think you should express it to your husband, that way it don’t become a surprise when you cancel out.

HW: Haha.  Good point about me talking behind their backs while I’m complaining about them talking behind peoples’ backs.  Whoops.  I was really entertained by your suggestion to complain about what I don’t like about them right to their face.  Super devious. We’ve moved away from this group a long, long time ago, but maybe next time this comes up it’d be worth a shot….