Undated: They say it get greater later...hopefully that's true.  As of right now I’ve been ok mentally. Couple of the guys put some $ on the phone (bout time), so if I wanna talk I’ll blow they line down.  Really just for three ways. Not try a kick it like that with bro new they phony in my eyes.

Krazy shit ever, I got a sister on my father side along with three other brothers.  One of them found me on Facebook a couple years back. I haven’t had the chance to meet him yet though I do look forward to it. Family is important, moving in life. Always great to have, cause friends come and go.  Family forever.

Now my sister Khaniyah I’ve met a couple times when I was younger. She came down to GA a few times to see our Grandma before she passed. So we always been familiar with each other. When I moved to Chicago we should’ve gotten close but it’s sad to say we didn’t.  I started spending time in the streets and she started her own lil family. But we did keep in touch via Facebook.

As fate would have it one day I was waitin at the bus stop headin my way to Malcom X College for school, when I notice this cute chick staring at me. Now at the time my hair was dreaded and I dyed my tips blue.  On some different shit...well of course my style was unique so it was easy to identify me once we made eye contact she was like brother!! LOL I was shocked but excited at the same time. It’s been years since we seen each other (even living in the same city).

Come to find out she been living around the corner from Jeffry where we meet.  Even more crazy my older sister on my mom side live one block away from her! There I was at my sister house a block away and my lil sister havin her own house and car one block away.. You know how much stuff I had goin on around that time? I could've have a lot of moves bust. Like when me and Cruz get into it I could’ve went to K crib.  Or I could’ve been smashing over there. Trapping, watchin out for stairs all type of folly. But it is what it is.

After we linked up I stopped by her place a couple times to meet my nephew. After I caught this case I been so stuck on goofy I never tried to reach out to her. Once I did she was happy to hear from me. She loaded the phone up so we could talk and she put me in tune with her life and the surprise of her havin a baby girl!  I’m proud of my sister. She’s independent hard working and smart. She know what she want in life and won’t let nothing stop her from obtaining her goals. And she rockin with her brother! Love you Khaniyah!

HW: Wow!  What a crazy coincidence.  That’s so great. It’s pretty crazy how you can live so close to someone but never see them.  When my husband and I moved back to VA, we were so much closer to a whole bunch of our friends, but we haven’t really worked to connect with them.  Then fate sends you a gift, just randomly running into them! That’s awesome. Wish that would happen with me and some of the people I love, lol. Your sister sounds like an awesome person.  Raising a family and having goals and working hard...that’s the dream right there. Like, I hear about that and those are my dreams, it’s cool that she’s out there doing it in the world. I have a lot of respect for that.

SL: Yeah, she aight! LOL. `