Chicken and Spaghetti


Savage Thoughts (undated): My mood been super shitty today.  But something crazy happen today.  A few Church members came on our deck today and brought some real food with them.  Like chicken and spaghetti.  Enough for everybody.  We even had seconds.  The shit was real good.  It’s been 15 months since I ate something like that and 3 years for other inmates.  We was ecstatic to  have the opportunity to eat some world food.  You should have seen how thirsty niggas acted!  Couldn’t even line up in a straight line.

It’s sad how the littlest shit can cause a person to completely act outside of character in jail.  Everything minor and simple in the world is major when you locked up.  If people on the outside could see or live what we go through in here I know people would value things a lot more.  I try not to fall into this world and stay strong but it hard.  I don’t have enough reminders of the real world.  No contact no love.  It seem like I suppose to just accept this as my new life!  That’s what scare me the most.  Getting used to this new life.

HW:  I just can’t emphasize enough how important this point is.  How important chicken and spaghetti was to you guys. How the simplest thing to us (I mean, I cooked spaghetti last night, and I definitely was not as excited) could really just mean a world of difference to you.  I think that a lot of us on the outside think that there’s nothing we can do for those in jail, or that it’s unsafe or something.

I’m just really in admiration of that Church that came and fed you, made you feel like a real human being.  We had a priest in my old parish that went every week to do prison ministry, and I have a friend of mine that teaches health courses to incarcerated women.  Their work is really inspiring—and it’s not hard for people to get involved.  I did a quick google search of “prison ministry” in my county and got a few hits.  I’ll be praying that this incredibly important ministry grows!

SL: Thank you, you said it best, made us feel like a real human again.

HW: I’m really curious, does stuff like this happen often?  How often do you have churches or other people come in, serve food, spend time?  Are there any religious opportunities for you, like chaplains who come in?  I definitely take for granted my opportunities to participate in that kind of stuff (and to have a good meal!).

SL: I can’t speak for the whole state.  Where I’m at, Cook County, Chicago in division 9, no! This don’t happen often.  But they do have programs in the county.  It’s 2 in div 9, and a few in other divisions but that ain’t shit.  They do chapel a few times a month.  A dude walk around pass out pamphlets say prayers for those who participate.  It’s 44 people on one deck, at least 20 don’t wanna be bothered with that religious stuff.  This new sup.  He stopped a lot of things we did have goin on, like the program I mentioned here.  Now a-days all the attention goin to the other divisions.  Us in 9 just too wild (I guess).