Lazy Days


05/24/2017: My husband’s going to be on duty all weekend.  He works 6am Friday to 6am Monday.  Memorial Day weekend, too.  Everybody celebrating soldiers…and mine gets to work.  Gotta love it.  These weekends are always so tough for me.  Of course, the secret is keeping busy.  I’m going to call up like, everyone…my parents, his parents, my grandparents, out of town friends…maybe I’ll go for a hike.  Or to the beach…just relax on a beach somewhere, reading a book.

I know this must sound super silly, me planning out how I’m going to use all of this free time.  But it does get tough when he’s gone, that’s for sure.  I also have a ton of work to do this weekend…I have a twenty page paper for a certification program I’m working on, and I have a class that starts up Sunday.  But maybe I’ll get that time on the beach.

SL Response: Lol this is cool.  Ain’t nothing wrong planning out your day.  TBH we should always plan ahead.  Whatever you do enjoy yourself.  I miss the beach.  I was livin across the street from Lake Michigan so it’s Chicago beach.  A lot of fun.  A lot of memories.  Plus I love swimming.  If you didn’t hit the beach up, do it soon, for me.

05/30/2017: I read a whole book over the weekend, when my husband was gone.  I love just the fact that I got to do that—what a luxury.  I used to read all of the time, as a kid, in high school.  My parents would have to take books away from me so that I would be social instead.  Or do chores, haha.  In college and working as a youth minister I had no free time.  It’s amazing how busy you can get. 

I think about just how busy I was…it’s crazy.  I didn’t have a ton of time to reach out to family, out of town friends, or to do things I loved, like read, write.  Like my mom literally just called me, and I was so happy to be able to pick up the phone, and talk to her for an hour, without worrying about it.  I do have guilt about not working—but I do get so much joy in being available for the people I love and the things I love.

SL Response: This entry just thought me something (yea I’m weird I think I learn something every second of the day).  Here I am bored to death not havin too much of anything to do, when it’s people so busy they can’t even pick up the phone, damn.  I prefer bein bored than busy that way I decide when I’m ready to do something.  Glad you were able to relax with your book.  Either you really was bored or that book was very good.