Relationship Challenge


04/20/2017: I’ve started a 30-Day Relationship Challenge (haha, don’t tell my husband, I want it to seem natural to him).  Which, like, five months in, I don’t think our relationship really needs any ‘remedial’ help.  But I never want our relationship to seem commonplace, boring, or expected.  I want every day to be a new adventure for us, even in the little things. 

This week the challenge is focusing on doing things that my husband loves to do that I don’t necessary like to do—we went to play tennis (I’m so bad at it, it’s comical), went out for dinner (I’m so cheap, I really don’t like going out to dinner), and we watched Japanese game shows.  Today I’m going to work on a project that I hate doing…but it means a lot to him…so I’m really going to work at it. 

I’m not trying to make it sound like I’m some sort of hero for doing these things…I just feel like love is an action, it’s in what you do, and I really want to start developing habits to do that.

SL Response: This is extremely nice.  You’re great at being a wife.  It’s the lil things that count in relationships.  All the extra things you doin seem to be lil stuff but it’s something that matters to your husband and your husband matters to you, so you put your heart into it and you’ll look up and years be done passed and you find yourself enjoin the things you used to hate.  Try written a list for him too, you never know he might set a challenge for himself as well.

HW Response: It’s so interesting…I started doing this list before I was working.  Once I went to work, it seems like all of these extra actions went out the window.  Things became really crazy and hectic and our relationship became…I don’t know how to say it.  I’d come home, we’d work out, eat dinner, play video games.  I want to get back to doing these special little things, but I can see now that it’s all in balance…sometimes things just need to go on autopilot for a while.