Parish Festival


05/22/2017: So I was really struck by something the other day.  My husband and I went to a parish festival for a local Catholic Church.  First off, it was HUGE.  The parish festival at the Church I grew up at was TINY in comparison (I used to work little games for kids, like a cake walk and horseshoes and that sort of thing; it was so cute).  The whole thing is volunteer run, with teens serving food, and adults running games and silent auctions.  There was a band, like a really good band too, which was awesome. 

But what I found interesting was that there was a group of guys in bright orange t-shirts which read “Harrison County Jail.”  Writing back and forth with you I’ve got this sort of thing on the brain a lot.  I was really intrigued though—were these guys doing community service hours?  Or was this a job they could have with the jail?  I really appreciated the work they were doing (I’m kicking myself for not telling them), and I thought it was nice that they could get out into the “real world” for a bit.  I dunno curious to hear if you would ever want an opportunity like that.

SL Response: Ummm hum…Church? Church!  I like Church.  I’ve been in the Church life as a kid.  I was forced to go.  As of now, I’m not into it like I should be.  I think I’ve slipped into the pit of darkness LMAO.  Harrison County probably had them on some community service type of shit, that’s good, cuz like you say they get into the world, they cases ain’t bad if they eligible for that they probably could bond out!  But yeah, if the opportunity came I would help.  Especially cause it’s a good cause.

HW Response: I didn’t know you went to Church!  I know you don’t often want to talk religion but some day I’ll have to pick your brain about it.  Not to guilt you or anything just curious.  I was thinking you’d like to get out into the real world every now and again.  I just…I go crazy being cooped up in the house too long (my husband can definitely confirm that!) so I can’t imagine how cooped up it must be. 

And I got to thinking.  It’s like…just because you’re in jail doesn’t mean you can’t still do good things, help people out, work for a good cause.  Come to think of it, putting you in jail brands you as a “bad person” who can’t give good back to society.  Cool to see people still giving back to society after making mistakes.