Undated (2017): A tattoo I described: A street assassin in sagging jeans and a hoodie.  Posted a top a headstone in the middle of a massive cemetery.  The headstone read vengeance is mine with extended arms the assassin emulated a scale, each hand gripping a metal tray attached to three chains.  The bible on one tray and a human skull on the other.  The background held the silhouette of three crosses, the middle cross appearing closer than the others.

HW Response: Oh wow, that’s really bold.  Is this something that you would get? My husband and I talk about tattoos quite a bit.  I’ve always wanted to get one, but I’ve never been able to think of something that I could guarantee I’d want on me forever.  Maybe something religious, like a cross or Our Lady of Guadalupe.  The phrase “This too shall pass” is also very important to me.  My husband wants to get a tattoo around his ring finger with our wedding date in roman numerals.  He can’t wear a ring sometimes on the ship so it would replace that.  I know some people are really against tattoos, but I think that they can be a powerful way of expressing yourself.

SL: Nawl I’m not gettin it.  It’s just something that caught my attention.  I love tats.  I’m tryna get ‘Charming’ on my face…I want my whole body tatted.  “This too shall pass” is o so decent.  I’m stealing that.  Hubby should go for that.  You should too.  If that’s what y’all wanna do.  I already got a few.  Like 12 to be exact!

HW: Oh wow!  Twelve tattoos, that’s impressive!  I think I don’t have enough pain tolerance for that, lol.  Especially on the face…ouch!  I don’t think I could ever get a tattoo on my face, or anywhere I couldn’t hide it, you know?  Some situations I don’t want people knowing that I have it.  People have such strong opinions on tattoos and I don’t want to incur their negative judgment!  (As always, I’m super nervous about what people think).