Pokemon Cards


House Life (04/13/2017): I have to share this story just because it’s so hilarious.  My husband and I share an amazon prime account with my in-laws (might not be the most kosher arrangement…). It’s my e-mail that’s linked to the account, and every time my in-laws order something off of Amazon, I get an e-mail notification for it. 

Well, I start get e-mails literally every day, sometimes twice a day, that my in-laws have ordered fairly fancy Pokémon cards.  Which is not entirely strange—I do have an 11-year-old brother-in-law—but these cards are like $4 each, and I know he doesn’t have enough money to be buying them every day (I mean, jeez, he’s 11).  

My husband asks my brother-in-law what’s going on, and my brother-in-law gets on this big grin and runs off to grab a folder with “Orders and Receipts” written on it in scrawled handwriting.  Turns out my brother-in-law has been ordering Pokémon cards and then selling them at recess for a $2 up-sale. He even has the kids sign a receipt that says: “My parents know I’m buying this” and that they won’t get my brother-in-law in trouble for this.  He staples the receipt to the Amazon order and keeps it all in the folder. 

So far the kid has made thirty-five sales… which I’m like, jeez, $70 is a ton of money for an 11-year-old.  We all figure we should be really nice to him because he’ll be the one rolling in cash when we’re older, haha.

SL: This is soo real to me.  I’m smiling and screamin for joy, yes!  Lil bro is a Hustler!! Lol and a smart one at that.  He keeps records of all his transactions and makes the custo (customer) sign a receipt saying no charges will be brought up for the merch their buying.  I know pokemon cards a high demand right now, he just finessed.  And added a wealthy profit to his pockets.  He did that. 

He’s definitely a soon to be entrepreneur, make sure he don’t fall in love with that quick cash flow.  And tell him to watch his back.  Even at 11 boys can get real jealous and envy one’s attention.  Think about it.  $6 a card…35 sells that’s over $200.  Please make sure he’s savin up.  He keep this up by high school he be riding styling and profiling off pokemon cards…damn!

HW: Unfortunately, I have to share that the business burnt out…apparently he oversaturated the market and the customers stopped buying, lol.  But he did make a good amount of money, which is impressive.  I’m keeping an eye out for his next marketing scheme…gotta watch my back!