Cuddling and the Space-Time Continuum


05/18/2017: Lol, I am such a nerd sometimes.  My husband and I watched Interstellar last night—I was sick, so we just cuddled up last night (I think I’ve definitely gotten my husband sick doing that). 

First off, that movie is SO long.  SO long.  And we made it longer by pausing it every few minutes, nerding out about space and time and science. 

We talked about how, if you’re traveling at the speed of light while holding a mirror, you’ll never see your face in that mirror, and how Fritz Haber pulled nitrogen from the atmosphere, the theories of dimensions, Xeno’s arrow, the Superluminal Scissors…

I love this sort of stuff.  Sometimes I think that I should have stuck with science…but I dunno.  I’m happy just to talk about it on a sick night in :)

SL Response: I must admit this got me smiling so hard.  Damn I miss them nights cuddling.  I’m glad I’ve experienced that cuz it’s niggas around me that haven’t yo, and it’s sad to say, I could go on and on about how good it feel to hold or be held by yo love one!  But I wont. 

Anyway WTF is Interstellar?  Never heard of it.  I like how you described thinkin about space, time and science as nerdin out.  I’m going to start sayin that.  Since bein locked up, I nerd out a lot, some of the guys can’t stand it but so. 

I understand about traveling at the speed of light you won’t see your reflection you movin to fast for your image to reflect through the mirror.  I didn’t know about the Fritz dude.  I’ll be keepin my ear out about his name.  What’s the Xeno’s arrow?  Beware I love science too, especially space!  And aliens.

HW: I love this connection!  I love that you’re a nerd too.  Part of me assumed that you weren’t a nerd…I dunno that must just be stereotyping or something.  Which wasn’t right of me.  But I love that we can nerd out together. 

Do not many of the other guys like to talk about that sort of stuff?  I guess not.  I hope you have someone to discuss that stuff with because sometimes it’s just fun to have an in-depth, intelligent conversation on space.  Can’t wait to hear what kinds of space books you’ve read!

Interstellar is a movie where they jump dimensions and explore time.  It’s a cool idea for a movie, enjoyable although it’s very easy to debate its logic.  Xeno’s Arrow…man you’re looking for tough stuff!  I’ll see if I can find an article about it and send it over.  I’d love to hear what you think! 

Whenever my husband’s gone for a long time, I ache for cuddling.  I ache for human touch, that human physical connection.  You must feel that too, so much.