Undated (2017): My cellie come in this cell with 5 real squares.  Real whole cigarettes.  They can sell for $50 a whole Newport.  Instead we break them down and sell em by joints.  3 dollars each.  And believe me these bitches sooo small.  But regardless it’s gone sell cause niggas will kill for any drugs or tobacco. 

After breakfast one whole square down we restuff it with bread and sell it across the hall to some latinos for $50 all food.  We use a scapegoat though so long as nobody don’t tell, they won’t know who really whooped them. They ass was so made.  Sendin all kinda threats our way.  “They gave us some bread” LMAO.  Finesse.  I’m gone with the suck!  Ain’t no need in callin for your money back!!

HW: Oh nooo, lol.  I literally laughed out loud reading about the bread in the library.  Maybe I should be mad at you for cheating those guys…but I just found it funny.  Maybe you’re corrupting me. 

You can sell a Newport for $50????  What??  Lol I’m in the wrong business (kidding).  I’m just so amazed because cigarettes are so just…normal, you know?  Like they’re going up in price but it’s like $5 a pack.  Just really opens my eyes to what you guys have to do to get…like normal things.

SL: Cigarettes isn’t even allowed in the county.  But in Chicago, fuck $5 a pack they $12! But yea, gotta do what you gotta do.  We all criminals here ain’t no such thing as trust in this situation.  You’ll be a damn fool.