Fake Acting Crazy


HW: Disclaimer, this post contains sexual content.

Savage Life (undated): Today was kinda smooth.  I went to see the pysc doctor this morning I be fake acting crazy.  Dropin slips just for the movement. 

When I walked into the conference room her perfume instantly flooded my nose.  I couldn’t help but smile as I notice the chunky white lady just sittin there.  Immediately my mind went to some perverted thought.  Not cuz I’m a weirdo or nothing like that, I’ve just been super horny.  No contact with the opposite sex is a real crime. 

It take a lot of control to prevent yaself from just exploding off the simplest gestures she make, almost as if she doin it on purpose.  Licking her lips and poppin them.  Movin her hair back out her face smiling and grinning.  Girl you just don’t know.  I’m a complete savage.  If you with it we can get it busting.  Right now on the table infront of everybody, lil bitch. 

Anyway she ain’t on shit.  Just telling me some bull that I hear everytime.  Scheduling me a visit to see mental health in case I feel like killin myself.  Whole time I just wanna talk.

HW: Oh Dahvie, haha.  This just made me shake my head.  Guess I never really thought about the consequences of you guys all being locked up like.  This poor woman, who’s definitely not getting paid enough for her job…I wonder if she knows what she’s getting into when she meets with you. I bet she does, lol. 

What really caught my attention though about this post is the “fake acting crazy”: why are you doing that?  Just to have something to do?  You have to be really bored to do that…which I guess you are. “Whole time I just wanna talk”…is it because she’s a new person to talk to?  What would you talk about, given the chance?

SL: Cause she’s a GIRL.  I like to talk.  We can talk about anything.  Given the chance Ima talk about…(drum roll please) S. E. X.  LMAO!  Aw and yea actin crazy is just something to do.  Bussin up is good for you sometimes stress release.