Payin Yo Debts


Savage Life (undated): My cellie funny as hell.  Now my rappie announced to the whole deck do not gamble him (t-stone) he does not pay up and he gamble off ass!  Well mf’s thought it was sweet.  The nigga owe $30 between 3 people, what he do? Slide.  Get up out of there! 

Holla at the co’s and white shirts.  Tellin them he scared for his life and can’t be on the deck no more. 10:00, while everybody locked down officers come and unlocked the door telling my cellie to pack it up. 

The deck so in a up roar they so mad.  Screaming all kinds of threats and all he do is smirk and say to the officers see, I told yall.  Lol, I’m dying laughing.  Now niggas wanna scream on me like why I ain’t give them heads up.  Shit they aint my responsibility nor did I know he was moving!  This jail shit sooo funny.

HW: Hahaha, I kinda feel bad because I found this hilarious (like I shouldn’t find this as funny as I did, lol).  You have (had) a clever cellie, lol.  This might be a dumb question, but what do you guys do to gamble?  Cards? (Lol I feel so naïve asking…). 

I’m also amazed that this happened over $30.  Like, out here $30 is just a silly amount of money.  I’ve wasted $30 many times on some pretty dumb stuff (don’t tell my husband, lol).  But the fact that $30 would cause that much of a that’s crazy.

SL: I don’t gamble I value my shit.  We play cards, bet on games, shoot dice, spades and poker.  Yeah laugh all day, dude ass a coward.  He could’ve paid that, 30 is a lot of money $$.  It’s hard to get money, only your people can send $ that’s the only way to get it.