Milk Cartons

milk cartons.jpg

Savage Life (undated): Six people has to be transferred.  They was randomly picked to be removed from the deck.  Its crazy how angry a person get for having to move when its all jail no matter where you’re placed.  But from div 9 to 10, where all the psych patients at is uncomfortable I assume.  Its difficult to watch a person you bonded with move though.  That’s my homie that caught the flush.

They went out like some gangstas though.  They jammed they doors with milk cartoons so the co’s couldn’t open they cell, after a good 10 mins of struggling they finally got their cell open and snatched them out.  Walking through the day room with sheets around they face in case the officers got on bullshit and try to mace them.  They was prepared lookin like they worked for ISIS or something.

HW: I know this is a little beside the point, but I just wanted to say first that I loved some of your details in this. Just the thought of someone stuffing the doors with milk cartons…I don’t know, something about that was so funny to me.  The ISIS comment made me lol, literally (which makes me look crazy because I do my work in a library, haha). 

But, to be honest, I would hate to be moved like that…you get good and settled for a while, maybe have a little routine, and then it’s all taken from you.  I mean, I get pissed when the Navy moves us around—having to pack everything up, saying goodbye to all the people you’ve gotten close to.  Not that I’d stuff milk cartons in my door (well, maybe I would, if it worked, lol).

SL: Glad I can crack you up.