Ant Attack

ant attack.jpg

House Life (04/17/2017): UGHHHHHH we have an ant infestation, and I’m incredibly mad about it!  Like honestly there are not a large number of things that I hate—but I HATE THESE ANTS.  It’s actually amazing, I have this weird sense of panic about it. 

Every time I see an ant I HAVE TO KILL IT.  Especially since they’re apparently experts at infesting everything…my husband put on a pair of boxers yesterday that was covered in ants (a horribly uncomfortable affair).  So now I get to do a deep clean of our apartment…moving all the furniture, cleaning all the linens, vacuuming everything…ughhh…

SL: No lie this post is over funny to me LOL I’m sorry.  I hear your struggle in this post.  Ants is very very irritating especially a ton of them.  And since they so small it seem to be a zillion of em kill one and they just multiply never die.  Lol. 

That’s nothing, I’m from the hood imagine roaches!  That will drive you crazy!! I still can’t eat honey smacks (cereal) to this day.  I hate to say this but get use to bugs.  You live down south now.  It’s another world on the insect side!

House Life (04/18/2017): Day 2 of the War Against Ants.  I found that the ants had infested all of our clothes boxes (we didn’t bring any dressers down to Mississippi, so we’re keeping the clothes in the moving boxes we brought them in).  So I had to clean all of the clothes, wash all of the plastic boxes. There were ants EVERYWHERE.  Ugh I still feel itchy just thinking about it.

My husband and I had to evacuate our bed room—at least we’re only sleeping on an air mattress right now, easy enough to move.  I vacuumed the carpet twenty times, washed all of our walls (yup, they were climbing up and down our walls, too) and dumped cornmeal everywhere: apparently the ants eat it, but they can’t digest it, so they die.  Sounds pretty cruel…but to be honest, I’m so done with these stupid ants right now.

SL:  Sounds like the war almost over.  Flour and cornmeal will smoke they ass.  But I know after seein so many you still got the itchy.  Swear up and down one was on you.  Then when you see one you fear there’s more somewhere!  Haha LOL.  Sorry but I’m laughing at you creepin out!