(There’s no such thing as a free lunch [breakfast?])

Undated: The sound of twenty people runnin at full speed up and down the stairs and all over the day room made me jump up out my sleep. On that run in I expected to hear it I never hear it.  Already in the chuck my cellie inform me that it’s not the police. Aww so that’s them who had they poppers in the door. Poppers are lines or a ball of lines that stop the lock from completely locking so with a playin card, after puttin the sting and pushin the lock back you can lock your door back yourself . Thinking since it’s 4 in the morning everybody just try a get back to they cell after all partying/kicking in some body else room.  I’m out knowin the breakfast trays came and they all bust out there cells to steal all the trays (or what we call jumpin gates). The two workers the co’s chose to pass out the trays was almost trampled on when they started to open them up. Like birds on one piece of bread almost 20 inmates rush them, causing them to panic and jump back, as all the trays was snatched away. Maybe it was 12 people all together who knows. I know more that half the deck didn’t get a tray, including me and my cellie.  Now everybody know I’m not going for no shit like that. Not only will I go crazy but I’m always in cahoots with whatever goin on around me. Niggas know I’m not no goofie. So when the co came I got him to open my door. I rush my man who happens to be the ringleader of the chaos and demanded my tray. I tried to get my cellie tray but it was no avail, knowin I can’t really do anything major cuz this my homie and I got mine, I just slid off me shit my cellie a grown man. At the end of the day the police brought 44 more trays to replace all the stolen ones so at the end everybody ate.  Some just ate more!


HW: Is it weird that my first response was to be totally unimpressed? They went through all of that trouble to steal breakfast? What? It just blows my mind that they don’t have something better to do.  I guess when you’re bored, you just do whatever you can? Lol it’s kinda funny how much this bothers me. You go to all the trouble to set up a way out of your cell and you steal people’s breakfast. Not only that, but they stole the breakfasts of people going through the same stuff as them.  And I think those guys get away with it because in the end everyone got more. It’s almost like they got rewarded for stealing the trays. Blows my mind.


SL: O yeah. That’s whats goin on. Niggas hungry and niggas bored. You know us young people can get real wild! Fuck it, lets take that shit. Ain’t our fault. It’s the police fault. They suppose to do a lock check. They didn’t! So anything goes, it falls on the officer. They replace the trays cuz ain’t no tellin who ate or not and they responsible for us eating. Stop bein lazy. Pass the trays out they damn self! At the end of the day we just having a lil fun. What’s wrong with that?