Steps in Order to Achieve


SL (Undated, 2017): Keys to my Happy Life + Steps in order to Achieve

6 months to a year in Atlanta with Brandon

  • obtain driver licenses

  • try workin a job only to stack

  • Staying 25,000 and up 1x 2x no more

  • Network mingle with important people

  • School, GED, learn some trades create a back up plan for my entry to Chicago


  • Upgrade her install in her mentality a real loveand a above average life (IDK who her is though) lol

  • Hustle hard but smart—organize a team

  • Keep my hands clean, stack up

  • Observe.  Look learn and listen, never fall victim to the streets

  • Flex, stunt, ball on any and all who kicked me when I was down

  • Remember the struggle—support foemen!

HW:  Dahvie, YES!!  This filled me with so much excitement, joy and energy!  So I was listening to “Born this Way” by Lady Gaga when I was reading this, and it just pumped me up so much to read your plan for a better life!  Dahvie I just so believe that you have the brains, energy, and strength to make a great life for yourself.

SL: Yeah me too as long as I’m around another life.  A life like you and Mrs. Christina’s family in my face reminding me it’s something better out there.  Cuz it’s easy to get discouraged or sucked back into the fast life.