F. O. E. (Family Ova Everything)


SL (undated memory): I don’t know how old I was but I’ll never forget this.  I believe I was in Chicago visiting my mama’s mama so this was my grandma’s crib.  I always looked forward to the few trips I did have back to the city cuz I knew i’ll get a chance to be with the other side of my family. Now I’m at my grandma house with my big sister (she’s four years older and the oldest before me) my big cuz in who’s the same age as my sis and her lil brother (who’s my age) my favorite lil cousin.  I don’t remember what we did but we was in trouble with our sisters who was watching us at the time. I think it played out as a blame game. He say it was me, I say it was him or maybe we didn’t say shit. Either way we was in trouble.

Now with our sister’s both try a be grown they decided we both would get a whopping. She hit her brother, my sister hit me.  So cuzo new go in the bathroom first. We all know Ashley don't play! We can hear the action on the outside and I know I was next. When the door open up bro came out all red and teary faced. So now it’s my turn, we go in and I think I was pleading my case but it didn’t matter cuz sis already had her mind made up. She wasn’t gonna whoop me . She said she knew I didn’t do it and she wasn’t gone let nobody convince her otherwise.  So she told me to act like I got in trouble so they wouldn't know. Haha, I fake performed too cuz they never knew we faked the whole thing. lol I guess I finessed. Me and my sister just laughed about this too the other day. Good times, good times!

 HW: This made me smile, so much. It got me thinking about my brother and sisters.  I have one younger brother and two younger sisters. Jeez when we were growing up we would fight all the time, I was trying to be grown up and in charge, and they were rebellious (rightly so!  I think back and I’m like whoa what was I thinking?! Trying to be in control I guess). But now we’re really close. Really really close. My sister and I talk every day, I used to visit my brother all the time when we lived close by (I miss those days!).  I’m going to visit my brother in May, I’m so exciting. There’s nothing like family, they get you in a way that no one else does--and sometimes that’s great and sometimes that’s REALLY annoying!

SL:  True dat!  You ain’t never lied cuz sometimes I be wanting to knock they ass out then sometimes I wanna just hug em and give them the world!  When it’s all said and done it’s OTF (only the family).  FOE (Family ova everything).