“O so wasted”


Victoria is a Catholic Navy wife and a new mom. Dahvie is an incarcerated Chicago gang member. They write letters back and forth (you can learn more about it here). In this post, Dahvie shares about getting high in jail, and Victoria responds with“overprotective mother” worries.

Content warning: This post contains a discussion on drugs and sexual content.

Victoria: With the transition to prison, Dahvie hasn’t had a ton of time to write.  Instead of giving you tiny posts with the writing I have, I’m going to start posting two posts from him on the same/similar topics.



Dahvie:  T3’s [Tylenol 3s, one pill is the equivalent to taking four Tylenols — Victoria], muscle relaxers, pink panties [I had trouble finding this one. Closest I can find is a vodka drink. LMK if you know — Victoria], zolofts and hooch?  Aw its goin up on the 30th.  That’s one of the guys birthday.  I already got the floor (worker slot) so Ima be out all day.  Me and my cellie.  We about to be high as fuck!  O so wasted.  Hope we don’t have to stomp somebody ass out.  Shidd I wouldn’t be surprise if we fucked around and caught a staff assault!  Plus its visiting day as well, so we got that lined up.  Yup!  I’m just thirsty to get on the phone…I got so many dates lined up, I got bitches ready to play with the pussy and all.

Victoria: Oh wow, quite the party day!  I guess I don’t need to wonder how guys in jail let their hair down anymore.  I’m going to sound like a total killjoy, but I wonder to what extent this is worth the risk.  To be completely transparent, I don’t even get high, ever—it’s not something that really appeals to me.  But you’re so nonchalant about getting a staff assault.  You thought you might be getting out soon…that can’t help your look.

I really hate coming off as an overprotective mother, so I’m sorry for that.  I have to imagine that opportunities to celebrate and just have fun in jail are few and far between.  From my perspective, though, some forms of “fun” aren’t worth it.



Dahvie: Look, it’s goin down!  I might not even make it.  I’m tryna go to the afterlife.  Dispensary to Cermak.  Cermak to Strogers Hospital…on another level Ima be so fucking gone I can’t wait.  So if I die, don’t feel sorry for me throw a party with balloons and Bacardi for me and tell my family I died with a heart of a G.  Molly water, drugs, lean, off a flat I be high!

Victoria:  Well, clearly you lived through this, because you sent it to me, lol.  I wonder if this was the day you were writing about earlier, the day you had all of the drugs saved up so could get high for that guy’s birthday.  It’s a day earlier than you said so…I guess you couldn’t wait? Kinda interesting to get your thoughts while your high, not just after.  I wonder…hmm.  It’s hard to know what to say.  This is so different from anything I’d ever want to do.

photo cred: T. Lindenhayn, 2019