"Day off of school today!"


Victoria is a Catholic Navy wife and a new mom. Dahvie is an incarcerated Chicago gang member. They write letters back and forth (you can learn more about it here). In this post, Victoria shares about a much-needed day off and the importance of taking a break from the chaos and “busy-ness.”


Victoria: Day off of school today! Low key I think teachers like days off more than students do. It’s just...basically the best. No two ways about it. I’m sitting around in my PJs, drinking tea, reading, writing, praying, just getting some quality rest time. It’s funny to think that just a year ago I was not working all the time...I definitely think that I didn’t appreciate what I had while I had it. Time to be in control of my own schedule.  Focus my life on what was important to me. I feel so torn these days: between my work, my home life, and my writing. Everything is just fighting for my time. SUPER ready for summer break, lol.


Dahvie: “I just sit and get high and brainstorm.” Nawl J/P…well not really. But yea it’s very therapeutic getting that chill flow in the house chillin. I loved it and I wasn’t coming in from work (well do illegal work count?) so I can only imagine coming in after a real day’s work, than an off day or break at that! Yea umm I prefer my boss shit. In full control of my schedule. All the time, see like I been controlled too much in my life, as a kid. Now I’m grown and I just don’t see it happening. Not by choice that is.


Victora: The word therapeutic—it’s too true. We so need days of rest in order to re-center ourselves. You’re work experience is very different from mine though! I’ve been working “legal work” since high school. Weekends and summers I spent making money. My parents gave us the basics and after that if we wanted something we had to earn the money to get it. So I worked. It’s interesting, I bet you did something similar—you found that if you wanted something, you had to work to get it. You just had more opportunities for illegal work. I don’t think I’ve ever had the opportunity to do illegal work (well, I mean, under the table babysitting, lol). I don’t even know how I would start (not that I want to).


photo credit: T. Lindenhayn, 2019.