"Ain't Nothing to Do"


Victoria is a Catholic Navy wife and a new mom.  Dahvie is an incarcerated Chicago gang member.   They write letters back and forth (you can learn more about it here).  In this post, Dahvie describes the chaos that ensues from a prolonged period of boredom.


Dahvie: 2H was fun as fuck.  No way is jail suppose to be that fun guess that’s why I thought 2E was boring.  Maybe boredom was the reason I bugged up like that and was the cause of a riot. Now I’m in SI with 45 day seg time to do.  That also include my clappin ticket time too so I guess that’s fair. Now gang intel wanna come question me about who I am and how I was able to start a riot.  In reality I ain’t start shit but either way I told them to suck my dick and get out my face. I got no wrap for the police. That’s why we stomped dude and me out on 2G and folks need spit in they ass.  For snitching. Which is why I landed on that lame ass deck 2E anyway. I only stayed over there for two weeks till I bugged up, shitted the day room down and bust on a nigga. Then when police finally came I ran out the deck swung on a white shirt and was finally restrained and took down to holding.  Meanwhile the gang got shirts over they face, trashed the day room and started to threaten the CO’s with bottles of shit if they are on the deck. Long story short, ERT run in took control of the situation an grab the gang and put us all in SI. Somehow they say I’m the reason it all happened! Ain’t that a bitch?


Victoria: Dahvie...Dahvie, what are you doing? I really just don’t understand.  Sure you’re bored but...I really don’t understand why you did what you did.  I’m trying to wrap my head around it and I can’t. I guess you’re right...you didn’t try and tell those guys to act out like that, so the riot isn’t really your fault.  But trashing the dayroom? Beating up a guy? Not to be judgmental but do you not have anything better to do? Do you see what I mean? Maybe it’s just that I can’t imagine your situation but I feel like there are better ways to spend your time.  Is that wrong of me to say?


Dahvie: Ain’t nothing to do.  So no I didn’t have nothing better to do.  I had fun lol.  But you not wrong for thinking what you think.  Everybody feel like you.  Who ain’t snowed in, in a place where there’s no structure, no love, no nothing!  I really snapped cuz my girl didn’t have no mo $ on her phone and I needed to vent.  I didn’t have no way to call her and that triggered something (sad to say).