"The way the police ran in on the deck today somebody gotta be telling."


Victoria is a Navy wife and a new mom.  Dahvie is an incarcerated Chicago gang member.  They write letters back and forth.  In this post, Dahvie explains the violent fate of a snitch.


Dahvie: The way the police ran in on the deck today somebody gotta be telling.  And they think they know who it is. Me and one of the guys was called for a psych eval, but when we return to the deck, they assume that one of the Latinos went with us.  Whole time he lied. His ass went and talked to I. A.

He must of told them these other Latinos had knives in the cell, cuz the way the police hit the deck I had a flashback.  I swear I thought I was getting locked up all over again. They came through all doors possible, commanding everybody in the day room to hit the floor. I’m not bout to just lay on no dirty ass floor but I did get down on one knee in a kneelin position.  They kept cryin for me to sit on my butt. I finally complied. We watched as they hit a guy cell, ransacked it, destroying everything in they path like a tornado. They escorted the dudes off the deck (to the hole I assume) confirming they found something they ain’t suppose to have.  

After everything went back to normal. The Latin folks got on dude ass like cheeks! Someone snaked him in the shower and then they beat him till he shitted on himself (first time I seen that). Luckily they broke it up before the police caught them. Dude recovered well if you ask me. But at the 3rd shift count he told the police what happened!  They took him off the deck and locked us down for the next 72 hours! Somethings is worth it though.

Victoria: I’m not sure how I feel about this.  Like I spent serious time thinking about this.  I’ll just ask questions for now to try to understand your thinking.  Do you feel like he did something wrong for telling on you guys with the knives?  Do you think the others should have punished him like that? Do you feel like he got what he deserved?  I know these questions may seem leading or judgmental, but I truly want to hold off on what I think until I hear your answers.


Dahvie: Yes, he wrong for telling on them guys with the knives.  Yes he deserved what he got.  I already know you could never understand this in this situation, so let me give it to you in another scenario.  Say you got a pact or a sworn oath with you and your girlfriends that whateva y’all do among each other stays here in the circle and if somebody violate this code they get dealt with. 

That’s how it is in the streets.  When you gang bang, sell drugs, or whateva you do, there’s a code of honor in this shit.  You can’t tell on people who do the same wrong that you do.  Dude gang bang, he carries knives or carried them.  Why would you tell on the next man who live the same like you do.  That makes you a RAT.  A snitch.  And I have no respect for them.  Shidd, the should’ve killed his ass.