"You can’t have a family without dreams"



Victoria: By now, you’ve probably figured out that I’m obsessed with quotes. Here a new one that honestly made me tear up (it’s long, but I think it’s totally worth it):

“I am very fond of dreams in families. For nine months, every mother and father dream about their baby. Am I right? They dream about what kind of child he or she will be... You can’t have a family without dreams. Once a family loses the ability to dream, children do not grow, love does not grow, life shrivels up and dies. So I ask you each evening, when you make your examination of conscience, to also ask yourselves this question: Today did I dream about my children’s future? Today did I dream about the love of my husband, my wife? Did I dream about my parents and grandparents who have gone before me? Dreaming is very important.  Especially dreaming in families.  Do not lose this ability to dream!” –Pope Francis

So I know “examination of conscience” is a really Catholic-centric thing, but just think about it as a way of looking at what happened at the end of your day.  As I’m starting in my new family with my marriage (we’re coming up on five months!!) this is really important for me to ask myself. Did I dream about my future kids?  (I did…I dreamt about the little Easter outfits they’re going to wear, sweater vests and floral dresses).  I dreamt about my husband’s love (he’s gone on a 36 hour shift, I miss him).  I dreamt of my parents…how thankful I am for their love, even through the tough times…I think life would be impossible without dreams.

Dahvie: Life is impossible without dreams.  What would we have to live for?  What would make us smile for no reason? I never thought this before but how would I make it in here if I didn’t dream?  Dream of my release.  Dream about vacations, dream about pizza!  I always dream of my family, everybody at one table eating! Or at a park.  Thanks for this one, and by the way I love quotes too.  Just haven’t read one that’ll make me tear up LMAO :)

Victoria: It’s wild reading this now, now that we’ve been married for two years.  Now that we have a little baby girl on the way.  Dreaming about our girl is nonstop.  I’m working with some pre-K students right now and I ask myself: “Is she going to be clever like this one, joyful like this one, energetic like this one…”.   And I find myself so wrapped up with love for whoever she is and will be.  Unique, beautiful her.

Dahvie, I love your dream of having your whole family at one table eating.  That is so real, so profound, so simple yet so beautiful.  Having everyone you love around you.  It’s hard for me how impossible that is for you right now.  Hopefully someday you can make that a reality.