This Too Shall Pass

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House Thoughts (04/11/2017): My best friend down here in MS just had a miscarriage.  I’m so incredibly heartbroken about it.  They were so excited about having a baby.  It was all they could talk about.   They were buying little outfits for her, they had a name picked out, they gushed over the heartbeat, she had bought a whole bunch of “pregnancy yoga” gear, they were joking about how defensive he would be (he had insisted no yoga pants until she was married!).  It’s so hard to watch all of this joy just be snatched away.  I just…ugh this hurts.  They must be hurting so bad.

SL: It’s very hard dealing with death.  So I know it’s extremely hard for a family to lose a child even if it’s not fully conceived yet.  As a man I can’t understand how a woman would feel so I don’t even know what to say, although I have experienced it but I was so young and immature that it didn’t affect me at all.  I did learn to never take something for granted though.

HW: I think that your totally right about not taking something for granted.  The phrase “This Too Shall Pass” has always been an important quote for me, something that has impacted me deeply.  For me it means that everything, every joy, every sorrow, is passing away.  It’ll be gone before you know it.  Hold on to those good moments because they’re going by fast.  Cherish the people you love because they won’t always be there.  At the same time, moments of suffering, moments of pain, those pass away too.   I used to get really down when things went wrong; a horrible break-up almost broke me apart once.  This Too Shall Pass got me through it…not that things were ok, but I knew someday that things would be ok.

SL: This too shall powerful.  I never thought so deep with that quote.  Everything will pass.  The good, bad, sad, happy yes everything.  You right.  It go hand and hand with my quote.  There’s a time for everything.  A time to live a time to die, a time to laugh and a time to cry.  I’m sure you know the rest!  I don’t think I used a quote to help me get through hard times…I just let time heal all wounds.