(Old) New Year’s Resolutions

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Savage Thoughts (1/17/2017): Time goin by fast as fuck 2-2 my court date.  We put motions in on the 5th that just past.  Which was the longest we ever spent in court.  So its safe to say its speedin up.  This storm almost over.  Lets get busy.  Beat the body I’m a legend.

I’m flexin so hard when I touch down this year.  Ima do no more then 30 days in Chicago then I’m shootin straight down south to the GA.  Finnese up down there, stack up get my shit together then come back home up!  I like that 2016 Qx30 Infinity.  That or the Lexus NC.  I never even had my own car so when I do it, Ima do it big.  After you beat a body and get a second chance at life you have to go hard.  One life to live.  Gotta live it up 2x. 

All the hoes I dealt with is extinct.  All the next females gonna get it bad cause I’m looking at them like they tryna set me up.  All of em.  And the guys.  Homies yea they get that “They tryna rob me or tell on me treatment” fuck em.  Use them to help me get to the top then leave they ass down.  My barnone turnt to the max.  No fellings in 2017.  Savage year.

HW:  Dahvie, I LOVE the fact that you’re using 2017 to have new energy. I hope so much that 2017 is a great year for you. That’s cool that you’d head back down to GA!    I hope you’re really able to connect with everyone on the outside that you love, and I’ll keep my fingers crossed that you get that car you’re dreaming of. 

2017 for me: I’m working to beat a lot of things that I’ve been struggling with in my heart.  I’ve been holding a ton of grudges that have been bringing me down.  I have people in my life that have hurt me in the past that I just need to let go.  There were things that happened around my wedding that I’ve been carrying on my heart.  Family members that crossed me in the wrong way that I need to forgive and move on and really just focus on loving them.  I also want to work on being less needy for control. I know that’ll do bad things for my marriage if I’m always trying to control everything.

SL: It’s funny reading about my feelings that’s a whole year old.  My energy I’m describin is really my attitude for my release.  I put a date on it.  I shouldn’t have done that. 

So what about you?  It’s 2018.   How many of your struggles have you beat?  Have you been more forgiving?  Less controlling?  I found it funny how people be “this year Ima do this or Ima do that, whole time MFs don’t change nothing!  Probably even gotten worse.  I done said I would do something new a thousand times…and never did it.  But I can guarantee I’m treatin the world different when I get out this time.

HW: Time really does fly by with these letters and journals.  It’s so powerful to reflect on old thoughts, things we used to think and believe.  Sounds like you’ve learned a ton since January 2017, that’s good.  That’s healthy. 

It was so profound for me to read my goals.  There was one person in particular that I struggled and struggled to forgive.  I finally was able to do that and build a positive relationship with him.  So many years of my life spent channeling that negative energy and I’m finally free of that.  I’m so grateful.  Still find myself trying to control things, though.  I definitely should bring that goal back into the forefront—try to let more things go.