The Forbidden Fruit


House Life (04/14/2017): Today’s Good Friday, which means Catholic are fasting today (fasting is two small meals and one big meal) and not eating meat.  And I’m like STARVING.  I think it’s so funny because I don’t really eat much to begin with…honestly, two small meals and one big meal is about how much I eat on a normal day, and I don’t tend to eat much meat. 

But now that it’s Good Friday ALL I WANT is a hamburger.  Haha, the human mind is such a funny thing…I bet tomorrow, when my husband has the grill out, I’m not going to be all that hungry for a hamburger, lol. I think part of it is that I like being in control—now that the control is taken away from me, I’m freaking out!

SL:  I know what you mean.  The fact that you know you not supposed to eat meat today gives your body the urge to do it.  Like the forbidden fruit.  It’s not what we supposed to have but since we not supposed to have it makes us desire it cause its forbidden.  Me personally, I like to do what I’m not supposed to do.  It gives me a rush.  Lol IDK why.  But I’m not a slave to my urges I just give in a lot.  Stay strong though.  It’s mind over matter…tell yourself you don’t want it a couple times until your body agree.

HW: Reading your response, it’s a little tragic for me.  Due to health complications, I can’t fast anymore.  So on this past Good Friday I abstained from meat, but I snacked throughout the day.  I feel more out of control now because I’m not strong enough to fast.

That’s so interesting that it gives you a rush to do what you’re not supposed to do.  IDK that makes no sense to me.  I’m a super rule follower so I’m definitely on the other end of the spectrum.  Could you explain that more?

SL: (Dahvie wrote in the margins: “The man with the gold makes the rules/The man who make the rules, break the rules!)

Umm be careful with this.  Life is all about risks, how will you win if you don’t take risks?  What I mean by give me a rush…I like livin my life on the edge.  I enjoy flirtin with death, I enjoy takin risks.  I gamble.  Can I get away with this?  Will I get caugh doin this?  Anythinig I’m not suppose to do interest me.  Why can’t I do it?  Who will be effected if I do so I can control someone feelings by my simple actions?  IDK how to explain it.  Only experience could teach this.  Im a gangsta.  I do what I want when I want how I want.  Sometimes I like to break the rules.   It’s a different level of respect when you’re a rule breaker.  The art of bein unpredictable to people is a form of power.  And every man loves power!  I rather step on someone than to be stepped on!