Uprising Part Three: Our Glory was Short Lived (03/18/2017 and 03/19/2017)


HW: This the third of a three-part series entitled "Uprising."   You can read Part One here and Part Two here.


Beatin on the chuck (03/18/17)

HW: So, after an inmate climbed a 12-foot-wall, a few inmates set fire to their green jumpsuits, and they hosted a dance party in the bullpen, yeah these guys were going on serious lockdown:

SL: Yeah that was the fun out the whole 2017.  Let’s get busy.  Glad I’m fake having shit.  Cuz lockdown is real.  I wake up this morning hungry than a bitch.  Deck quiet as hell its like 10:30am. 

HW: Quiet as hell? That’s really eerie…like I think I would be spooked.

I knew what the day was done bring.  A lot of trash throwing and floodin.  8:30pm. I was right.  After dinner trays we back at it.  Beatin on the chuck.  Yeah yeah get busy throwing trays out the chuck.  Our day room look like a bando.  Any officer come on the deck shit they ass down.  Shampoo bottles filled with shit and piss squirting on they ass. 

HW: Oh jeez, that’s gross.

SL: Hard bars of soap and we spittin.  We took the deck hostage from our cells.  They didn’t even come in to court at 10:30.  We heard through the vents we got the whole compound on lockdown (Lets do it!)  Fuck the police!

HW: Never a dull moment, I guess.  I’m sitting here like c’mon guys calm down.  Seems to me though that, in their mindset, this is a inmates vs police thing…and that’s never ending.


All Type of Fuckery (03/19/2017)

SL: Its 7am and we ain’t got our breakfast trays yet. Its Monday and court has resumed.  Our regular crank ass co Tedesko back.  We got a surprise for his racist ass.  First we fake like we cool so folks nem can get they court shower.  One guy didn’t even get to go to court.  He has to go to a different outside court house hours away, but 12 never came to get him.  He was blew.

HW: It’s so interesting for me how court is such a central point for these guys.  Their one connection to the outside world, their one potential ticket out.  The reverence that they give to it—it’s like going to church.

SL: By 10am we was back on bullshit.  We loadin bottles up, banging on the chuck so the police can come in.  Niggas flooding, all type of fuckery!  It’s like 10:30 b4 we get our breakfast we bus up.  Even the inmates getting meds break away from police so they can pass shit.  Police would try to get to him and get hit with all kind of shit literally feces!  Stanking piss and makrel juice. The smell is horrible. 

Tedesko, damn I wish yall could’ve seen his face.  He was on the deck “Where’s Smith” Over here, soon as he get to the chuck swshhh all facetime!  He jump back and damn near fell.  He screamed yo mam’s a c*** before running off the deck callin on his radio.  Yeah Yeahhhh get busyyy!  Boom boom chuck slamin again.  We love this shit.  Savage life fuck the police CPDK.  Yeahhhh.

HW: This is soooo gross.  I dunno, part of this makes me feel really bad for those correctional officers.  I’m sure they love the thought of going to work and don’t dread it at all.  Granted, if this is the only way these guys think they can effectively impact the system they’re in…I at least can sympathize, if not empathize.

I just…when I think of protests against police corruption, I think of like…protests, you know?  Not throwing shit and piss at people.  Also, CPDK=Chicago Police Department Killer.  Yeah, probably not a banner I want waving above my head.


It’s the hole for real now (03/19/2017 and beyond)

SL: I’m in the cell by myself so it’s like even better for me.  I get all the action on my own.  Our glory was short lived, ERT (since it’s a weekday) smacked all the doors with shields and helmets.  They covered everybody chuck at the same time blocked them off with the shields. 

They then closed and locked the bottom of our shit.  Each cell was shook down and searched.  They took our bowls, cups, deodorant, soap dish and whatever else they felt could hold stuff to throw.  Damn. Marking our bags by cell they removed everything and took it from the deck.

HW: That is rough, losing things like deodorant and soap.  Like, losing the basic life stuff.  At the same time, can you say you weren’t going to throw shit with that stuff?

SL: Now our chucks locked, we got no bowls and stuff, it’s the hole for real now.  They even took our remote.

I guess they think this will prevent co’s from getting hit by things.  It worked until them doors open, meds gotta come, trays have to come.  A lot of these niggas getting wild soon as they can.  It take 10 officers and 2 white shirts to pass our trays out, and they coming 3 hours late.  The whole compound on lockdown.  Now niggas in the vent screamin on us.  They talkin like they want some smoke with us.  2E vs 3E.

HW: And that’s where this ends.  Feels kind of like an unending story.  The inmates versus the correctional officers.  I guess it ebbs and flows:  things reach a peak, then they die down, and reach a peak again. 

Can you imagine living two years like that?  Can you imagine working two years like that?  I’m not saying the correctional officers are 100% in the clear, but you can kind of imagine some of the stress they encounter.  And you can now see what the inmates feel like they need to do in order to just be heard, be payed attention to, to get anything.