Uprising Part Two: Screamin like Animals (03/18/2017)


HW: This the second of a three-part series entitled "Uprising."   You can read Part One here and Part Three here.


The Fire

HW: Due to having to wear green jumpsuits (sign of inappropriate sexual activity) and weeks of restricted time out of cells, Dahvie’s deck attempted to get the attention of the supervisor.  One man climbed to the top of the wall.  Much to Dahvie’s dismay:

SL: Climbin up top didn’t do shit.  Bro came down after 3hrs, guess his legs got weak.  That’s lil shit.

HW: Maybe it was the disappointment from this first ploy, maybe it was just the overall frustration.  But things got crazy:

SL: We got over wild.  I think we made the news.  The shits was crazy wild.  Yesterday was visiting day so a few extra people was out in the dayroom including me right before lock up we set all our jumpsuits on fire.  Yes on fire.  The whole deck smoked out.  Niggas in they cell damn near dies. 

HW: Wait, you did what?? You almost killed people?

SL: While the fire was goin the co’s tried to come in to put it out, we got to throwing trays (and them some hard ass trays) sprayin shit and spittin on they ass from upstairs.  Niggas masked up goin crazy running around screamin like animals.  The shit was soo fun. 

HW:  Oh my goodness, that’s crazy. I’m just really curious about how this is fun for you. I don’t mean that in a judgmental way, just from the perspective of someone who loves the fact that she’s really safe in her quiet suburban neighborhood with her pepper spray and door alarms.


The Capture

SL: We even had a cell open upstairs to fall back in, shit was outta control for a minute kinda felt like we was rioting down town or something.  Until the police really smacked that bitch through all the side doors we ran in a cell (4 of us) throw the mattress on top of us in fear of getting mased or tazzed. 

HW: Is that bad that I wouldn’t have blamed them for user mace or a taser?  Am I looking at this the wrong way?  I just wouldn’t have felt safe as a correctional officer at that point.

SL: They raned in on us in the cell trigger finger itching “Get down now let me see your hands face down” they took me back to where they kicked my homie down in to arrest me (a whole nother story)

HW:  Oh dear, sounds like a good story…

SL: We all huddled stacked on each other screamin we’re not resisting, in case we have to sue they ass later for excessive force.  Some of us encouraging them tryna test them “Blow that bitch you scared we gon beat y’all ass” wolfin…I’m not on none of that I ain’t tryna get mased in no cell that shit ugly. 

HW: Yeah.  My husband had to be maced as a part of training for his job with the Navy.  0/10 would not recommend.

SL: They finally took control of the situation and escorted us all on to the patio where the day room can air out.  I was in my t-shirt and boxers cold as fuck on the patio.  My nuts shriveled all up lol some of the other guys had they thermal on, some even still had on jumpsuits (they bitch ass).

HW: “They finally took control of the situation…” or so it seemed…


Bulls in the Pen

SL: Each of us one by one was removed and walked down to the holding bullpens!  Traffic! Searched and blue box and ankle locked the fill three bull pens up with our deck only.  It was lit down there.  Soon as we was locked in, niggas got to beatin and rapping.  We was T’d.  A soul train line was made, niggas goffie copin sackin they ass (not me) foot workin and dro style.  Just dancing. 

HW: Oh…so it’s time for a party now.  Lol.  Everything about this is so surprising for me.  I love imagining all these guys dancing in the bullpen.  Part of me just kinda shrugs and just thinks you gotta get your fun when you can in a place like this.  At the same time...



SL: Police tryna talk we spit on they ass.  One sarg got hit right in his face and his bald head at the same damn time.  LMAO, they retreated and we got to partin again.  Then officers every where div 9, 10, 2, 8, came with shields helmets and deve the dog taser out red beam on niggas get down, now one guy ain’t move fast enough got his ass shot with the taz.  The sup did it but he had it on low so dude wasn’t hurt too bad. 

After that niggas got to acting right.  Police raned in checkin to see who had gotten out they cuffs (a few people) resecured them and left us.  WE screamed so much vulgar language suck this fat dick while actually exposin ourselves.  Shit was crazy funny.

HW: I think I could understand a lot of reactions to this.  Anger.  Outrage.  Fear.  A lot of negative reactions.  Funny?  I just don’t understand.  I don’t understand how this could be funny.  I really don’t.  Maybe you just get so desensitized to everything.  Maybe humor is your only real reaction left.  Maybe your emotional walls are just so high that all that can break through is a laugh.


15 Minutes of Fame

SL: One guy got caught spitting, they snatched his ass up so quick.  Beat his ass out of view, I know they did.  Eventually we was called back to our deck where they shook our cell down.  Put people in cells that the computer said they was in regardless if they had moved on they own.  Property in other people room.  Better hope you ain’t a bitch cuz a savage will eat your shit.  It’s like 2am before everybody was back locked down.  I know we made the news! 

HW: Wow.  It just really hits me.  This is there one way of really making an impact on the outside word: making the news.  I could live my whole life totally content without being on the news.  Actually, being on the news really hits me.  But, to be super excited to be on the news…for something like this…that’s something.  I dunno.  Am I being judgmental?  I don’t mean to be.  Maybe if I reframed it?  Maybe if I said something along the lines of them finally standing up for themselves, really getting a reaction from a world that ignores them…maybe that’s it.

Well, that 15 minutes of fame better have been good, because the consequences are coming next…