Uprising Part One: Gang! Get Busy! (03/17/2017)


HW: This the first of a three-part series entitled "Uprising."   You can read Part Two here and Part Three here.


Climed to the Top

HW: A while back, Dahvie sent a series of descriptions of a protest in which he participated.  This is a lengthy piece, which really shows the conflict between the inmates and the correctional officers.  What I found to be extremely eye-opening was the mentality of the inmates: they really felt like they had no option but to protest in ways such as…well, you’ll see.

SL: Gang!  Get Busy!  All we doin is rooting bro on.  He climed to the top (on the wall like 12ft high) so we can get the sup on the deck. …Get the sup up here or he not coming down.  He got a sheet tied around the pipes.  Made a hammock and he chillin just like that…goofie ass copers!

HW: First, I want to note that that’s impressive, climbing up a 12 foot wall like that, and just chilling like that up there.  You really have to commit yourself to a task like that. 

This was all in an attempt to get the supervisors attention for a number of complaints, which can be boiled down to two things: The Green Jumpsuits, and limited time out of there cells.


The Green Jumpsuits

SL: They been treatin us like some bitches over here. They claim we a disciplinary deck cause we all got tickets for “clappin.”  They put us in green jumpsuits too.  Talkin bout where every we go in the county we have to wear our jumpsuits (instead the normal top and bottom)  Even at court in front of the judge.

HW: So, for one, everyone’s stuck wearing the green jumpsuits for “clappin,” inappropriate sexual behaviors.   I would have to imagine that it’s not advantageous to be wearing something like that in front of a judge.  In any case, it certainly doesn’t reflect well on your character, gives others a negative impression. 


1hr a Day

HW: But that’s not the decks only grievance. Their time outside of the cells was severely limited:

SL: They originally put us on 1hr a day cuz they did a shakedown and found knives in a couple cells however that’s everyday shit.  Write they ass up send em to the hole and everything else is back in motion.  Why all of a sudden they lock us down like that?  They ass tweaking. 

Anyway in three weeks, the last three weeks we went from 3hrs a day to 1 hr a day, then a 6 day lockdown no hours (no shower no shit) too back to 1hr a day.  And we ain’t did shit. 

Then 2 decks go up, niggas chop each other up (no death) we do a normal lockdown.  Aight, no today we come off and they try to 1 hour us a day again?  Nawl.  They fronting they shit.  The deck that went up still getting they 3hrs a day.  The HOLE get 3hrs a day faithfully.

HW: Yeah it’s pretty sad to have to say that the hole is getting a better deal than you are.



HW: It’s apparent that these conditions took a personal toll on Dahvie.  This is clearly seen in an incident with a shower.

SL: Now all during them lock down days I was getting me a shower.  Not everyday but every other day.  Breakfast time (4:30am) when the co’s let the worker out to pass out the trays I script they ass take the workers slot, get in that shower and refresh my freshness.  All co’s don’t be goin though. 

Yesterday this latino officer who only let Latinos work wouldn’t let me out.  Whole time my cellie got court, he have to get his court shower.  Soon as that door open I bust out that bitch.  He gone stand there walkie talkie in hand askin me and I really gone push out on him?  Hell ya goofie I need a shower fym.  Long story short he respected my gangsta didn’t call it in and let me do me, after I was done I thanked him and locked back up.

Co’s be bitches half the time and they only respect SAVAGE SHIT!  So we do what we do to get our respect, cause bein in jail around criminals all day they only respect the savages, cause everybody else let them do whatever.  I’ll never let anyone handle me anyway and you better not either!

HW:  Could you imagine, first of all, having to fight that hard for a shower?  Like my fight for a shower is convincing myself to wake up early enough to take one.  I still don’t necessary agree with lashing out at a correctional officer but if just the basic need to be clean was taken for me…I dunno, I might snap too.  Treat someone like an animal, and they may just start acting like one.

All this put together became too much for everyone.

SL: This shit don’t make no sense.  So we had enough.

HW: And things were about to get a lot crazier than just a man on a wall.