Transfer to Jefferson County

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HW:  A while back, when I was living with Mrs. Christina’s, she started getting calls which popped up on the caller ID as “Jefferson County.”  We didn't know anyone from a Jefferson County, and the caller never left a message, so she didn’t pick up the phone. 

Imagine how we felt when we found out it was Dahvie! Turns out he got shipped from Cook County out to a different jail, in Jefferson County.  I’m going to share his journals on his transition.  My responses are interjectory comments, not part of any ongoing conversation.

10/29/2016: Guess they didn’t want me in Cook County no more because yesterday while I was still doin my time in seg they woke me up to get shipped out.  These people sent me and a few of the guys to a county 5 hours away called Jefferson county!  They country as hell here too.  This county have about no more then 150 inmates.  It’s so small compared to cook which holds at least 10,000.  They crime rate must be low.  They police station and county jail the same thing. 

HW: Going from 10,000 people to only 150 people must have been CRAZY. It must have been very small world for you.  I wonder why they sent you there?  Seems weird to be moving you around.

SL: After my 5 hour ride of listening to the radio we finally made it to this hell hole.  Its not that bad though it’s better then what I’m used to.  They get to order world food here once a week I guess they have a special chef that makes it cause I know it’s not delivered here.  They regular food menu aint really too much of shit.  Cereal for breakfast.  Hot dogs or nachos for lunch with pretzels apple sauce and carrots.  PBJ or salami and cheese sandwich for dinner.  That comes with pretzels and cookies everyday.  Like I said the food ain’t too much of anything but it’s better then slop! 

The commissary high as hell too.  I’m just gonna buy hygiene items.  Stack up and sell them when ever I get back to the county.  The deck always go crazy for foreign merch. 

HW: Also, I love that you’re always looking for a business opportunity, selling those hygiene items…you just think so differently than I do, I don’t think I would have ever thought of that!  Guess I just don’t have an entrepreneur’s mind.

SL: I don’t even know how long Ima be here?  It’s not that bad.  We out all day and have access to our cell anytime even though we not suppose to.  They let us cuz we known to cause problems I guess that’s also why they got us on our own deck.  It’s 4 of us on this deck only.  We don’t get no contact from they inmates.  They claim we are band influence.  Ha!  Everybody love Chicago niggas.  Our swag like no other.  Guess it’s hard not to fall victim to our ways.

HW: Haha, your reputation precedes you! Cook County must be a real shithole if other jails are afraid of you guys.  Maybe this jail will have a good influence on you all? Although it must be really strange to not even know how long you'll be there.  I would feel really weird having that sense of control taken from me.

SL: Everything smooth here.  We got cable tv and don’t have to worry about a channel getting clapped off like in the county.  They be on b.s. cutting movies out.  I guess they think is inappropriate.  Like we kids?! Not of that here.  The only time the tv off and I mean completely off at 10:30 but—11 for us. 

We gotta finesse for anything extra around here.  Like with these stupid ass phones!  This shit the only downfall to this lil field trip.  The phone company is FU as hell.  It’s not the same a secure which mean are calls aren’t paid for already and new accounts have to be made.  And the rates high as fuck! 1.00 a minute.  It’s already hard to set the account up, people don’t seem to be able to out there.  It never seem to go through.  The co’s be havin phone cards with free 5 minute calls.  Each of us make sure to get our share of them by any means.  Even if we gotta threaten to get wild.

Shit why not they already seem to fear the bark me without ever seein the bite we suppose to put fear in they heart!  But in reality that’s unnecessary cuz these people cool as hell.  Which makes it easier for us.

HW: $1 a minute…wow.  I just can’t fathom that.  A minute on the phone is nothing.  It’s the amount of time it takes to say hello, how are you, the dumb stuff we say at the beginning of conversations, you know?  You’d have to drop 10, 15, 20 dollars to have a real conversation.  That’s so incredibly isolating.

SL: The dogs was not necessary. Today was cool.  We didn’t get barbershop like we was suppose so we fake refused lock up…boy they ass came with dogs and a shotgun tryna scare us into locking up.  In reality we locking up anyway we just wanna talk to somebody and ask why they treat us different from they inmates like we some goofys or something.  Then wanna come on the deck with dogs and tasers like we suppose to be scared. 

We know damn well they can’t let the dogs loose unless we attach them or threaten them.  If they do, it’s a lawsuit and I definitely need some money.  But instead of pushin it we got us a extra 10 mins out sent a couple threats and just locked up!  Hopefully they don’t lock us down tomorrow.  When it’s all said and done I’m ready to slide anyway.  Only thing they got goin for themselves here is the tv hot meals on Fridays.  Aww and being in a one man cell cool.  I get to jagg off all night!

HW: Man, they’re really scared of you guys!  It seems to me that they’re pulling out all of the stops to make sure they’re in control.  Glad you have a few advantages over everything.  On top of all that, it seems to me that this is a lot more chill that Cook County.  Fewer people, less of all of the ongoing craziness.  I don't know, I kind of like it (but I don't have to live it, so I don't know).

11/20/2016: So I’ve been down here for a couple weeks now.  Hopefully I go back to the county on thanksgiving since my court date is the next week.  I’m really in need of getting back to my regular surrounding.  I’ve had enough of this Jefferson County shit.  They make us get up every morning at 6:30 and stay out til 10:30.  The shit very tiresome then they don’t ever turn the phone on until 7:30. 

Just think to come some other jail and have to follow they rules is nerve racking.  I’m trying my hardest not to let it get to me.  Plus these officers goofy as hell.  And it seem like they try anything to get to you.

HW: This final journal on Jefferson County is really revealing.  Just when I was starting to think Jefferson Country was really good for you!  I don’t know, maybe it still is really good for you.  But it definitely is a change and that’s always tough, adjusting to a new normal. 

My husband and I are about to move and I tell you what packing up and transitioning to a new life isn’t the most fun. I mean, I’ll do it, and it is all a part of the adventure of military life and married life, but I think we all get really set in our ways when we live in one place.

As a note to readers, Dahvie did get transferred back to Cook County shortly after these journals.  It’s an interesting thought experiment, thinking about how things would’ve been different if he had stayed in this smaller jail.