Tales from the Hole

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Undated (2017): Damn I’m back in the hole…again.  They gave me 15 days to do.  I’ve been down here for 3 already so I got less than two weeks.  It ain’t shit.  Believe it or not I’m down here for a shake down they did 2an 21st these bitch ass police claim they found a razor, some “unknown metal,” and a lighter in the wall.  Some shit I ain’t even know about.  I’m not even mad though.  It’s all what come with this shit. 

My Rappie had 15 days too, but for some reason they only called me.  So we split up once again.  I left all my reading material (magazines) pictures, and even traded mattress with him cuz I know I can finesse me a new one.  I got to get back up there.  My time was goin by fast and smooth aroud bro.  If they try and place me somewhere else, its merched I’m actin crazy on they ass.

I wasn’t the only one to live through TB (my cellie now) crip and lil pooh all had time.  Only me and TB left that day.  Crip and Pooh (both cellies) jammed they locked so the police couldn’t get in.  Three days later locked smith came and they ass was removed from the deck. 

They went out like some savages though, they shitted the white shirt down and set they cell on fire.  I didn’t get to see it but I’m downstairs on 1H so I was talking to folks nem through the bent, they kept me updated as the events took place.  Them niggas stupid as hell.  I bet they got days on days on days in the hole.  Snowed!  Stupid ass!

HW Response:  I’m sorry you’re back in the hole... :(  I think it’s really interesting that “I’m not even mad though.”  I wonder if you just get to the point that you’re just so not in control of things that it’s hard for you to care?  Doesn’t sound like you, though…I know you have a temper! 

And holy shit…you mean they were actually able to lock themselves in for three days??  And set it on fire?  That’s crazy…like it’s hard for me to imagine that that’s even possible.  Yeah sounds to me that they were just asking for trouble at that point.

 SL: I can’t care.  This not my world, it’s theirs.  Once I realize that and let go, I became free of they control.  So the hole ain’t shit to me. 

Yea.  3 days.  They had next door pass a wic (tissue rolled up into a line to burn slow) then they use more tissue to catch flame and with milk cartoons they burn their sheets and whateva else they want.  They knew it was trouble so they went all out.  Fuck can they do to us?  Throw us in jail?? LOL.


Undated (2017): The hole ain’t shit like it use to be.  You can bring yo commissary with you now, just can’t order more.  Then you out 3hrs a day just like population only difference is you shackled around the waste in cuffs called (a blue box) the shower caged and celles top chuck boarded up.  But for some reason 1H bottom deck all top chuck open.  You can talk and pass things with no problem. 

They take yo cups, bowls, and anything you can use to squirt or throw shit (literally).  Other then that everything the same.  They even got a tv.  IF is the super hole.  ERT work that deck all shifts.  One man cells shackles on you feet too and you get searched every time you come in or go out.  That shit wack.  And I heard they bout to make it where you only get 5mins a week on the phone! W. T. F. ?!

H W Response: First off “They take yo cups, bowls, and anything you can use to squirt or throw shit (literally)” cracked me up.  Jeez that’s disgusting but I’m to the point that it doesn’t really surprise me.  Don’t tell me you throw shit?  Because that’s gross. I’m still not quite wrapping my head around why you would ever do that. 

What do you have to do to earn yourself the super hole (IF)?  I’d have to imagine it’s pretty bad…I feel like you’d have to have done something pretty bad to get searched that often. 

BH I’m surprised you get phone time at all in the hole…seems counter to what the hole’s about.  What do you even say in five minutes of phone conversation??  For me that’s like nothing, but I’m a talker I can fill an hour easy lol.

SL: I don’t throw it but I have squirted it.  Robbing niggas or just buggin up.  And you would do it as a weapon.  Yeah its gross but its yo shit right?  But shit ain’t shit but shit LOL.  You’ll be surprise how strong yo mind is to do what you think you got to do. 

Super hole? Umm, staff assaults, stabbing people, caught with a knife.  Shit like dat. 

Haha yea 5mins ain’t nothing.