“Havin Shit”


Savage Life (undated): The commissary worker today was soo thick.  I was thirsty to get a glance of her when she came through.  Whole time I was expecting my bas but Keefe only subtracted 1.85 off my books.  I only had 68.00 to shop with and although that aint no money in jail that’s like 680.00.  A lot of people would love to spend that.  Luckily at the moment I was “havin shit” that’s what I like to say.  When they called my name and I saw my bas I was salty as hell.  Just my luck they played me out my money this week. 

Then it don’t help that my cellie on commissary restriction for 15 days.  They hit him with that cuz he didn’t wanna comply with giving cook county his DNA.  Its not even court ordered.  They claim they need his shit on file (B. S.).  I would’ve refused, too.  I’m not no fool, ain’t no right to bringin me up on some fluky crap they must be crazy. 

I’m telling you man I got to get the fuck out of jail.  I can’t understand how a bunch of grown men crack homo jokes all day in jail and think the shit cool.  All day dick this dick that, it’s sick to see the way these walls can break a mf down and make them go completely out of their character.  No matter how weak minded you is or whateva it don’t give you the right just just let yoself go and be gay lol.  Shit’s crazy.

HW: So you might think this is hilarious, but I had to read through this a few times to understand it.  Did you not have access to the money in your commissary account?  (Because that sucks.)  I only knew what B. A. S. (basic allowance for subsistence; pretty much just money for food and stuff) was because we get that in the military, hopefully I interpreted that right. 

That’s weird about the DNA. I honestly don’t know what I’d do in that situation.  I’m such a rule-follower that part of me is like “just give them the DNA” but at the same time, like, why do they need that? Why would they ever need that on file?  Seems like just a ploy to get him into more trouble. 

And yeah, jeez, I can see why talking about homo jokes and dicks all day would be bothersome >.<  TBH, I think you’re being a little harsh towards gay people…at the same time, I can see why being around people acting out of character like that would get to you.

SL: SMH.  When you got to commissary you fill out a slip for what you wanna order.  Tues they take the $ off for your order.  Friday they bring it, but sometimes they bring sum goofy shit or they let you spend all your money like the situation above.

And you absolutely right it’s only a ploy to smoke you later.