Insider Advice


Undated (2017): Something magical just happen for me.  There’s this guy on the deck 19 years young who’s in my opinion just misunderstood and in lost of who he is.  Which is normal for an average teenager growin up in the hood.

His ego is large and his pride is even bigger.  He is easily influenced and can be manipulated easily with his way of thinking.  He’s hyper and seeks attention, all attention which makes it the wrong attention. 

Today he almost caught a staff assault for no real reason at all.  The deck just encourage him to do some stupid shit for they entertainment.  Luckily it didn’t get too far. 

Later on as we kicked it on the deck I cracked jokes with him even though I don’t know his ass from a can of paint and got his guard down.  Then I told him politely how he’s going down a path of destruction fast.  I explain how his life choices in jail effect his out come and time he can go home.  Basically tellin him be smooth before he catch a new case for nothing. 

Surprisingly he accepted the advice and thanked me cuz he say out of his 18months locked up nobody ever told him that.  Now that’s not the magical part, cuz of course he should agree to good advice, and not wanting to offend me (cause he don’t know me either) he should listen.  Listening isn’t the hard part. Applying it is.

Well IDK if he will but just a few minutes ago a guy come to the chuck and call his name askin why he let the police push him in his room like that.  Now this guy as usual wanted to gas him up and get a strong reaction so he can go back and forth with why he ain’t turn up, but instead of being predictable he said the unexpected. 

He said man that’s lil shit I’m bout to go home!  I smiled and jumped up from my book.  “That’s my boy!”  Then asked him if my conversation had anything to do with his reply to dude lame ass and he said yes and it felt good.  It was magical moment for me…

HW Response:  Yes!! This made me so happy.  I’m just so pleased that he took your advice.  You have a lot to offer these guys in jail.  You’re really smart and have a good way of thinking through things.  You know how to keep from starting problems and that you would take the time to share that…that’s awesome. 

Like you didn’t even know that guy and you were willing to reach out to him and give him advice—and he actually took it.  This guy sounds like a kid who just needed someone to be looking out for him.  And you were that person.  That’s awesome.

SL: Yea, yea, yea, that’s lil shit.  I be tryna drop jewels on these niggas but they don’t be ready.