Glo Days


House Life (04/10/2017):  I have really grown in respect for wives and mothers that stay-at-home.  Even when you're not working,  it's amazing how much work you have to do!  It sounds silly, and believe me I used to think it was silly, but now that I'm living it I see it differently.  I'm busy all the time! I’m not complaining, I’m just trying to figure out how I’d get everything done if I were working. 

So like today: I went to daily mass at 8am, then from 9am-1pm I was in the library working on projects: a course I’m taking on youth ministry, this blog, and work on a book I’m writing.  Then I went home, had lunch, then ran errands (today I’m going to the post office and ughh there was something else but I’ve forgotten).  Now I have to do laundry, dishes, cleaning, dinner to make.  I also want to work out. My husband and I also have something at church tonight.  I feel like without even trying my day just disappeared.

SL: Just because you don’t have a job doesn’t mean you’re not workin.  I think everything we do is work.  Relationships is work.  Parenting is work.  Living is work.  Havin something to do is very useful cause too much free time can lead to trouble or just placin you somewhere you don’t need to be.  Work is good. 

But like everything else in life too much work can be bad.  Very stressful, can lead to isolation as well, by giving you the feelin of always havin to complete something.  You have to have balance.  You have to treat yourself too.  No hard work should go unpunished!  Don’t let all your days disappear…enjoy your youth days.  We call em glo days.  Get in yo Glo (Glo is short for Glory)

HW: I like your perspective on work.  Sometimes I limit work to only what brings in a paycheck.  But that demeans all the other things that are so important.

While I’m writing this response I’m actually back to working…I’m a teacher now.  It’s funny, I was so curious back then how I would get anything done when I’m working.  It’s simpler than I thought.  You just get what’s important done.  That might sound cliché but it’s true…the stuff you really prioritize will get done no matter how busy you are or what you’re doing.  I actually think that I’m getting more done because I’m not wasting my time doing stupid stuff lol. 

Glo days….that’s awesome.  My husband and I strive for that.  Still enjoying each and every day despite all of the work.  My husband is better at it than I am, he’s so much better at appreciating life and not letting worries get him down.  I’ve learned a lot from him.