Green to this World


Victoria is a Catholic Navy wife and a new mom.  Dahvie is an incarcerated Chicago gang member.   They write letters back and forth (you can learn more about it here).  In this post, Dahvie and Victoria dig into the dangers of falling prey to the bias of the just-world theory.

Undated (2017)

Dahvie: I’m glade my old cellie came back. He really calmed me down.  I just witnessed a CO beat an inmate.  MF tried to push out his cell and jump over the top rail, it took 4 officers to get him down after being maced. Once he was slammed on his stomach one white officer decided to punch him in his face (while cuffed) a few times.  The guy wasn’t fighting him or shit.  It blew me to watch that happen.

I never witnessed that on my own before.  I snapped I even threatened his cellie for not helping him.  He claim they was holdin him back, his ass a bitch he lucky they came to take his scary ass to the hole.  I planned on knockin his ass out and letting folks n em spit in his ass.  Yeah, it was gonna come to hm.  Lucky bastard. 

Since I couldn’t get to him I swore I would get at that officer.  Only thing I ain’t tryna be fighting another case, especially on no police officer.  But damn that shit just ain’t right I wrote grievances on the situation but the reply was since it didn’t happen to “me,” it’s not a grievance—it’s a witness statement.  Ain’t that a bitch?! Police get away with everything.  I hate them bitches.

Victoria I don’t want to believe this.  Like to be completely honest, I read this wanting you to be lying, or mistaken, or something.  I don’t want to believe that a correctional officer would actually beat up an inmate.  In psychology they call my way of thinking as “just-world hypothesis”: I live my life assuming that the world is mostly just and if a bad thing happens, it’s probably earned.

Which…Dahvie, I trust you.  Like you have no reason in the whole world to lie to me.  If the guy was cuffed…shit that’s scary stuff if the officer is still beating him up.  Ugh makes me shiver.  But I don’t know if I agree with you for being mad at the cellie.  I know I wouldn’t want to stand up to an officer whose already shown that he’s ok with breaking the rules.  I dunno.  I’d be mad like you were, though.  That’s tough stuff.

Dahvie: LOL Victoria you are so green to this world.  I can’t believe I know someone who could actually say some of the shit you be saying.  LMAO don’t be offended.  It’s just I find it hard to believe you actually think the world is mostly just.  Just-world hypothesis sound like a syndrome to me. 

Yes the CO beat him while he was cuffed.  This ain’t nun new it’s 2017, its everywhere.  Crooked dirty cops.  You haven’t heard whats been going on in Chicago?  Police is killin niggas.  Left and right, morning and night.  Girl you frontin yo shit, wake up and smell the coffee.  As far as his cellie went, its us against them.  They stand together right or wrong, weak or strong, why shouldn’t we, matter face why don’t we?  You need to read urban novels….Lorten Legends for starters.