Duty, Old People, and Oysters

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House Thoughts (04/03/2017): My husband's on duty this weekend, which means he stays on the ship from Friday morning to Monday afternoon.  Jeez it’s so tough having him gone.  TBH I think it’s the dumbest thing that they have to watch a ship that isn’t moving but what do I know, lol. 

I had an amazing blessing this weekend, though:  My grandparents were in town as a surprise.  These grandparents lived next door to me growing up—I’m so close with them, they mean the world to me.  We stayed up late, played cards, explored our town.  We went to a modern art gallery that was really strange and had all of these pictures of New Orleans drawn with a marker after the hurricane. After that we had the best oysters I’ve ever tasted (meaning they didn't taste like oysters at all, lol). 

My grandpa loves to read and talk and we spent hours discussing ideas and theories.  My grandma loves to talk about life, seeing what my plans are and supporting my dreams.  I get very lonely sometimes living in this new place, and there’s no better cure to that then the people you love so much reaching out to you.

SL: For every moment your husband's not with you makes every moment yall spend together even more special.  Does duty mean he always has to be away.  Can you come too?  Of course watching a ship sounds boring but that comes wit the job. 

What isn’t boring is a surprise weekend with lovin family members.  I notice how often you guys mention playin cards with fun, lol how many different card games do you all know.  Damn I’m sick of cards!  But it’s cool yall like them and enjoy playin.  It’s always joyful hangin with older people their energy is so positive despite their age.  Goin to an art gallery interest me.  Ima try that one day but I’ll have to decline the thought of oysters.  Yuck!

Sad to say I’ve never met my grandfather.  Either one.  I always wonder how it would be to sit and listen to a man of such great age with wisdom.  I share your happiness when I read this.  As a visit in jail from people you love, all the way to a surprise phone call, everybody get lonely sometimes and this is a perfect remedy—support.

HW: I really took your response to heart.  I think sometimes I disregard how important it is to interact with older people.  Like it’s boring or something.  Or sometimes I get awkward about it.  But I find I always learn so much—and I especially love the stories of their lives.

It’s like reading a book, hearing them telling the stories of their lives, because they’ve done so much. Sacrificed so much, experienced so much, especially stuff different from us. Just asking an old married couple about how they met (and my grandparents have such a great story for that!) is such an adventure.  I really don’t make enough time for that.