Spanish Lessons


Savage Life (08/14/16): My cellie talks all fucking day.  All he wanna do is ask questions.  Ask for approval of something or just talk about jail.  Basically just dumb boring shit. 

He cool though.  He’s latino.  Young only 21 and been locked up 4 years on a murder wrap.  He the 1st latino I had as a cellie. His lingo hip you wouldn’t even know he’s a Mexican unless you catch his accent. 

Situation sound sour.  But hand me lemons and I’ll make lemonade.  Ima use my time around him wisely and make him teach me Spanish.  It shouldn’t be hard.  I made it to advance Spanish in high school.  Too bad I smoke too much weed and end up forgetting it.  I’m not happy about that.

HW:  Man I feel you.  I had a few roommates in college that only wanted to talk the whole day…coworkers too.  I’d want to beat my head on my desk because they just wouldn’t stop talking about boys, school, parties, classes…dumb shit that I didn’t even begin to care about.  But I was always too nice to tell them to shut up. 

Did you learn any Spanish?  Haha, I’m fluent in Spanish if you wanted to practice.  I’m kinda annoyed you forgot Spanish…it’s such a useful thing to know, you could’ve done great things with it (and we could’ve talked Spanish together, lol!)

SL: I learned a little.  Just simple words I should know around a drug dealer.  Ha Ha.  LMAO.  I still wanna be fluent like you.  But I don’t see a way for you to teach me?  That’s a hands on type of thing. How we gonna practice Spanish if I can’t hear you talk?  Duh.  Or am I tweaking? 

Aw and if you annoyed that I forgot, how you think I feel!  It’s mearched.  I’m not leaving Earth before I learn Spanish.  Again!