Love Letter

love letter.jpg

Savage Thoughts (undated): A letter to an old flame that I never sent!  Fuck that bitch.

What’s up lil lady?  I hope this letter reaches you while you’re in good spirits.  It’s been awhile since we spoken and I believe it’s long over due since I’ve checked in with you.  Even though I hated how that sound “checked in with you” like you somebody.  I still meant it cuz it’s all I can do.  Check on you, since you don’t seem to ever check on me. 

How are you doing?  Really tho?  Before you answer think about it cuz if you do decide to let me know I at least expect the truth.  How’s the family?  I’ve tried callin your crib no answer.  Tiffany phone.  No answer.  Even tried Erica.  No answer.  What’s up with that?  I’m callin all these #’s to get up with you and it’s to no avail. 

I kinda fell like I stalkin you or something.  Umm IDK.  Don’t think its that.  A nigga just care about yo lil ass that’s all.  Which is crazy cuz although I talk to other females, and even meet new girls, I still prefer you.  Them bitches don’t know me.  I don’t know them.  But here I am tryna get to know them, wasting my time and all kind of crazy shit to try to replace what’s missin in my life…you.

Right now I’m in A. B. O. (abnormal-behavior-observation) cuz I’ve been getting wild!  My last few months have been real hectic.  I’m just getting busy all over this bitch.  Honestly my actions have truly been outside of my character.  Last month me and the gang rolled two niggas up sum decent.  Bro n em spit in they butt! 

Now I know this shit ain’t cool but I’m telling you cause I got to vent right now.  After stompin dude and em out they move me.  Soon as I realize how bitch made these niggas is I T’d right up.  Started takin niggas shit, real live jumpin gates in they face niggas ain’t doin nothing.  They figured they already knew how I got down so they didn’t trip.  Plus the gang with me ready to get wild.  It got to the point MF’s just start givin me shit so I wouldn’t bug up. 

Well I guess today was a lil different.  Now I’m on the phone with my female friend kicking it.  Then out of the blue she get to tweakin and we get to arguing.  Now as we arguing the phone hang up.  Ain’t no more $ on the phone, now you know how I am.  I can’t let a MF get they rocks off with out me getting mine. 

So I get to askin mf’s to put me through with they phone card for a second.  Niggas got to just staring at me like I’m a bitch or something.  Long story short, I spray shit everywhere!  Bust on a nigga and everything on TACO grave.  Then when the co’s rush me I crunched one of the ass too.  Then they rolled my ass up. 

G you don’t understand I been real live losin my mind.

HW: Oh Dahive, my heart goes out to you.  When I was in college we called it “ghosting”: when someone you were in a relationship with just disappeared on you.  No note, no call, no indication that they wanted to end a relationship, nothing at all.

It happened to one of my friends twice, and it’s devastating.  Even a real break-up is easier, because then at least you know the truth and you can work to get over that.  One of the guys even lived across the hall from us, and they’d run into each other and shit…and he’d say nothing.  The other was one of my really good friends (I worked to set them up and everything…).  Jeez I was PISSED when he did that to her. 

And you have the added stress of everything you have going on in jail…sometimes I read your stories of what’s going on in jail and I just think about how if half of the things happening to you ever happened to me that I would snap.  Praying for you, Dahvie!

SL: Girls are like buses.  Every 15mins they run.  Miss one 10mins later another one pops up.