The Game

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Savage Life (undated): Can I make it in the game?  I got a good heart and aint no room for good guys in this game.  To win you have to be heartless.  You can’t give two fucks about a nigga.  Even if I make a lot of money will I make it to the next level?  I’ll have to cross niggas.  Niggas that’ll cross me in a heartbeat but I remained loyal.  Playin by the rules is dead.  New rule is there is no rules.

HW: This is really tough for me, if I’m being completely honest.  One, because I’m such a rule-follower.  Like if there’s a sign by the pool that says “don’t swim until 30 minutes after eating” I will be counting the seconds until 30min have passed. 

But, more importantly, I just feel like it’s so important to be good.  I hate to think that there’s “no room for good guys in this game.”  That might sound super innocent.  My mantra is straight out of Cinderella: “Have courage and be kind,” which might sound really dumb to you. You might have to do things I couldn’t even imagine just to survive.  But to be honest, Dahvie, I believe wholeheartedly that deep down you are a good person.  I hate that you feel like you have to cover that up in order to “make it in the game.”

SL: I was thinkin you would advise me to change my mentality as for think life as a game.  A game you gamble.  Win or lose.  In my game you play for keeps. I’m truly am a good person.  But there’s a time for everything including to be a bad person.

HW:  Yeah, I’m thinking a lot about the point that life is a game.  In the way you’re saying it, I agree: life is a game in the way that you have to take risks and make moves and sometimes you win and sometimes you lose.  I think the stakes are higher than in a game, but I think that you get that. I’m really curious about your last point there, about there being a time to be a bad person.  What did you mean by that?

SL: That’s hard to explain…things people do other people can consider bad.  But in order for that person to succeed or strive or even survive he had to do something that someone else would consider bad.  If someone is hungry and they steal to eat isn’t that bad?  Or if someone have a kid out of wedlock ain’t that bad?  Or if a person kill out of fear they bad to? 

Personally if you wanna be serious…there’s no such thing as good or bad.  That’s all opinionated too.  What do exist is positive and negative.  Society put labels on things, good or bad from a moral standpoint.  Who’s to say that’s right?  Man made all this shit up to benefit from.  However I do agree with society…sometimes!  Lol Elle don’t get corrupt by my mentality now!  This some read savage shit.