The Real Enemy

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Savage Life (undated): 2H made the news.  Them niggas got wild for real.  8 niggas got stabbed but nobody got killed.  That deck was stacked any way.  All the bd’s that clouted all on the same deck. 

One of they ass got poked up so decent the world think he dead whole time he fucked up.  Just stabbed in his face.  I need to get some movement so I can know the full detail about what happen.  Even though the main nigga involved right upstairs from me right now. 

I don’t ask too many questions cuz I’m not tryna expose my hand cuz whole time Lil Rob was on that deck.  That’s my fuckin bro.  I need to know how he was coming so I’ll know if I need to get crazy or be expectin some smoke my way. 

Everybody move with they guys through jail which is why dude who upstairs is bout to have a lot of problems comin his way.  He don’t even know the whole gang bout to be on his and his homies ass.  Like a chain of events this county bout to become hectic.  Lowkey I know its bout to become a GD vs Bd war. 

This bitch bout to be bussing.  I can’t wait to get out the hole though I need to get around Bro.  It’s crazy how I’m here where I’m at now and all this chaos goin on.  3 other decks went up and now the whole building on lockdown which is ok with me I’m in the hole anyway 23-1.  They sick coming from all out to 1:30 mins a day oowhee! 

I hate it that they guys got poked up.  I miss my niggas.  It’s amazin how deep two people can bond when they both in the same situation.  Fightin for they life.  The police states, and judges the opps.  Niggas just to blind to see it.

HW:  Oh my goodness.  This is so crazy.  Like, reading through it had me on edge.  I just don’t know how you keep your cool through all of this (do you keep your cool through all of this?)  because I would be terrified, not even joking I don’t know if I could handle it. 

Especially if your friend’s there and you have no idea if he’s ok or not.  You and Lil Rob are so close—I’m trying to think of what I’d do if anything remotely like that happened to one of my really close friends.  Of course, all of them are like miles and miles away, so I’d be getting on a plane and rushing to be with them…or would I?  Maybe I’d just sit at home worrying about them. 

Did actually become an all-out war between the two groups?? (Haha, I actually had to urban dictionary GD and BD, they’re Chicago gangs.  Urban Dictionary [which doesn’t but should definitely sponsor the blog] is becoming my new best friend). 

It’s just horrible to think of them all attacking each other and that someone got so hurt.  I think you’re definitely right about the fact that they’re not each other’s enemies, and shouldn’t be fighting like that.  But what’s the true bad guy here?  Is it really cops and judges versus everybody else? (I know I’m opening a huge can of worms here…).  I dunno I just think there’s a bigger enemy out there…

SL: Like who?  Here in ccdoc [cook county department of corrections—HW] the sheriffs so grimy, they beat us, steal from us and just mistreat us.  Not all of them but a lot.  Hell yea, the state’s attorney, the judge, and the police are every street nigga’s worse enemy! 

Stop doubtin yourself so much.  If you was in it too you would do what you have to do.  Human Law self-preservation so no I don’t keep my cool.  Listen to what I’m written I already lost my cool and my mind.

HW: I’m sorry to hear that there’s so much corruption…you guys in jail, your lives are very much controlled by law enforcement, you feel it first hand when a system is corrupt or when an officer is corrupt.  And that’s just evil, that kind of corruption.  Just evil. 

But I guess what I’m saying…I don’t know.  Like I guess I’m thinking of your little sister—what do you think are her biggest enemies?  Isn’t poverty a bigger enemy?  Drug addiction?  Bad educational systems?  Violent crimes (murder, rape)? 

Here’s a question for you: would you rather end violent crimes in urban African Americans communities or police corruption?  I think both should be stopped (and sometimes police corruption does end up in violent crimes) but I’m really interested in your answer.

SL: Yes.  All of those crimes are her enemies.  Her biggest enemies.  You know why? Cuz she’s a female!  Women don’t face the same problems as black men.  It’s different.

But to answer your question it would be smarter to end violent crimes.  Not just in my community but all over.  Violent crime leads to destruction.  It destroys lives.  It destroys families. 

I think when police/anybody peep weakness it open doors.  And people in power tend to abuse they authority.  Then corruption comes in I guess.  They see a way to get over …make sense?  IDK. 

It seem hard to explain right now cuz I’m frustrated about something else but started back writing away.  Look I can’t even focus right now.  I just lost my whole train of thought.