Not the Books!


HW: Just as a heads up, this post does center around books, but it also includes a brief graphic description of adult content.  Please use discretion.

Savage Life (undated): It’s krazy how I was just thinking about how I haven’t been writing my thoughts down.  Not like I haven’t been seein anything worth expressing, cuz I have.  I guess I just been lazy.  But as usual something has occurred that cause me to pick up the pen and paper again. 

Today my deck got shooked down.  That mean all the cells got searched for contraband.  Now this is a normal thing they raid our cells anytime of the day and take anything axtra we not suppose to have.  Like sheets, hooch, state food…things like that. 

But this time these bitches took all my fucking books!  All of em.  A lot of these books was sent to me through mail.  They meant a lot to me.  We all was shocked that they did this so we bugged up begging for a explanation.  The Lt. had the nerve to tell us all our books are separated by bags with our cell numbers on them. 

She claim the sup. want to see our books and will decide if we can get them back or not.  What the fuck?  Not only did that piss me off but they took the shots we had.  Black legs magazine with sexy women naked pussy open and shit!  What they be on?  These honkies act like they promote homosexuality or sum?   They just wanna do anything they can to fuck with a nigga!

HW: Haha, I was totally with you…all the way until the end, lol.  It just really made me angry to hear that they took your books!!  I mean, that’s crazy!  My goodness, reading in jail is like the one bright light in all of it…in my opinion, it’s one of the best things you can do.  It gives you new perspectives, learning, and helps you remember that the world is more than just your cell block. And of course I know how much you love to read!  I’m really hoping that you get them back.

As a side note: I might be a prude saying this (lol), but I’m not all that pissed off that your porn got taken away…I’m not a big fan of that sort of thing.  But I’m sorry that it made you upset, it’s tough when you get no rights to personal property.

SL: Cause you’re not a fan doesn’t mean yeah take his porn.  I’m in jail.  I’m 23.  I have urges.  Why shouldn’t I be able to do me in my privacy?  Then they ask why we jagg off to women…people fucked up.  Don’t never understand. 

So they think we not human?  Nawl they want you to go gay or rape something.  We need that stuff to keep some connection to the world.  We don’t see NO nake nothing for years.  Grown men in jail?!!  That’s not cool at all.

I reread this, I think I over reacted.  My intentions is to explain the use of our porn in jail.  SMH.