Knives and Rules


Savage Thoughts (12/9/2016): 2H.  Right where I wanna be.  Back in the cell with lil Rob, he got $68 on his books.  I got $168 on mine its bussing!  My birthday just passed and although I wasn’t havin shit that day it felt good to be with Bro. 

Plus that day was very hectic.  A Latino was over drunk off the hootch and was tweakin, pulling knives out on people and all type of goofie shit which ended with him getting his ass beat by several people end him going to the hole.

Undated: Knives knives knives.  Ever since I seen my first knife in jail they just seemed to keep appearing.  Everybody has one.  I always been confident with my fightin skills so I never desired a knife, but bein on a deck with a gang of niggas with them, seem right I only have one too.  Never know.  Shit me and bro rather be safe then sorry.

It’s only downfall is havin to jump every time I see a lot of police.  Shit a nigga ain’t tryna get caught with it.  That’s a whole nother case.  See I started this thought cause a latino came to my door and asked for some bread, I had it and gave it to him.  He then tell me if I want a banger just slide on him.  Jail funny as hell.  Me and lil Rob just cracked up laughing, these people crazy. 

I wanna keep writing, describing my life in jail, however me and lil Rob celles and it seem to just be very comforting I don’t need to write no more. Seem like everything isn’t so bad.  My brother in the struggle in the cell with me. 

Our money seem to be rolling in better since bein around each other, our support system kickin in stronger (just a little) but when it’s all said and done my time just seems easier when we’re together.  Even he agreed to that.

HW: My husband and I talked a lot about the knives.  I’m such a rule follower (no surprise there) that I’m just screaming in my head “don’t have a knife!” because it’ll only get you into more trouble. 

But my husband says if he were in that situation, that he’d do whatever it took to protect himself—he’d definitely have a knife.  I guess I never thought about it like that, and it made a lot of sense to me that, jeez, if everyone has a knife, you’d definitely not want to be caught without one. 

Also, I’m so glad things are going well with being with Rob. It just must be such a gift to be with someone you know, trust, and love to hang out with!  There’s nothing in the world better than being with someone who you’re close to like that.

SL: I see bro ain’t crazy hell yeah he want a knife LOL but most the time guys be punks and keep a knife to scare people not to fight them not cuz the on sum Jason shit.  Like havin a gun and not shootin.