Metal Scissors


Savage Life (Undated): The county so fu though. When I was in holding one of my homies had just came back from outside hospital.  Before bein placed into the bullpen we have to be scanned through an X-ray style metal detector anytime we leave or come back to the building.  I assume it's for safety purposes? Anyway after watching bro step out of the scanner they placed him in the bull pen beside me. We talked a bit, catching up with each other and him telling me about the war goin on between the Latino gangs.  While in mid sentence he stop and tell me to watch his back. I get on s for him wondering what this nigga up to. Tell me how this nigga pull out some metal, yes metal scissors doubt his stash and shift them just to put them back. Now in reality he did this just so I could see him.  Which is stupid cuz what if I wasn’t me and I was a bitch ass snitch ass love to gossip ass nigga and got him jammed up. He probably would’ve not even cared. IDK. Anyway these joints wasn’t the small lil school scissors these was the long boys. Real live kutt a nigga up. As I watched me do his thing all I could think of is damn…how the fuck the machine ain’t see them? SMH I got to get the fuck out of here.


HW: Holy shit, that’s really terrifying.  Well for me. It’s kinda funny that you just think he’s stupid.  But if these guys can get huge metal scissors through the detectors, I just can’t even wrap my head around what else people can get through security.   This is malarkey, I can’t even get knitting needles through airport security. You’d think security in jail would be more intense, but I guess you’d be wrong.  And you’re stuck there. Stay safe, Dahvie! I know you’re capable of taking care of you, but I’m such a worrier. Yeah I worry about you!


SL: Yeah you would think security be more tight but they never cared.  They want us to kill each other.  We just human waste to these people.  Airport, that’s different.  People fake matter at airports.  P.S. Don’t worry bout me worry bout yoself.  Not to sound mean but it is what it is you’ll get yo feelings hurt worrying about me.  Then again you don’t worry about me.  You just sayin that cause it sound good (smh).