Not Safe


HW (04.03.2018): Have you ever not felt safe before? I just felt really unsafe when I was shopping.  To paint a picture for you, I’m a small white woman. I go shopping wearing yoga pants with an oversized purse.  You’ve probably seen people like me. If things got real, I could run (hopefully in the right direction) but damn I don’t have a chance if it comes to fighting.  We live just outside of a really poor area. There’s high crime and cops everywhere. One of my friends at work just witnessed a shooting right outside our Target, which definitely put me on edge, because damn, that’s a Target.  

There’s a Walmart not too far away that’s even sketchier. I went there to buy a special shampoo my husband needs that they don’t sell at Target (damn I love that guy). There was a guy haunting the aisles, definitely sizing me up.  He was HUGE. Ugh gives me chills. For a second I thought he had followed me out into the parking lot and I froze up. My husband makes me carry pepper spray, but I wonder if it could take down a guy that size. Shit maybe I should get my concealed carry.

SL: This is serious.  Life is real and unexpected.  Anything can happen at any moment.  I’m not telling you to be scared.  I’m saying be prepared for anything.  Even though you’re small you’re still powerful.  Especially if your life on the line.  I would recommend kick boxin or martial arts, some type of training for fightin, just in case.  Yes, keep the peeper spray.  That fox spray can take down a bear but sometimes it’s about who’s quicker.  I’m definitely with you getting yo gun license.  It help you feel better but none of these things matter if you don’t listen to you gut feelin.  Always be on point and pay attention to your surroundings and other people body language.  Attackers feed off energy the minute they sense weakness or fear it’s on, I would think (shidd I’m not a attacker of small white women, so IDK lol).

HW: Yeah. That makes a ton of sense .I live in such a bubble of not having to worry about my safety that it’s weird when that bubble is popped by situations like this. My husband tends to be more vigilant about this—he’s asked me to carry pepper spray, and really pushes for me to get my concealed carry. I used to be pretty wishy-washy about that. Now that I’m pregnant with my little baby girl, things are a LOT different. I totally know where the idea of “Mama Bear” comes from. I think I totally would go completely crazy to try to protect this little girl. Just like my husband works to keep me safe, I have to start working to keep myself safe and my little girl.