Friendly Neighborhood Racism


HW (06/06/2017): I was walking my husband’s coworker’s dog (now there’s a story for another day) today around my neighborhood.  This truck pulls up next to us, and of course I’m trying to get this dog to keep from jumping up on the car.  While I’m doing this the driver and the passenger (an older couple) are asking me about the neighborhood, if it’s nice, how the interiors are, if it’s quiet.  The usual questions you ask if you’re about to move in, which is all well and good.  I’m attempting to be friendly while also keeping the dog under control, lol.

And then the couple asks me if the neighborhood is mostly white people (the couple was white).  I just stopped dead.  I pissed me off.  I wish I could have said something profound, something to call them out.  But I froze.  I told them that it was a good mix of both black and white (which was the truth).  It’s just…people say there’s a lot of racism in the South but tbh this is the first time I’ve seen it.  Jeez.

SL: Ok before I become serious I gotta laugh. Haha.  Me imagining the dog pullin you cuz you look very light what kind of dog was it?

Now for the real.  This is an interesting post.  Like you get mad at things that just…IDK, stuff so common to me.  Do you really be getting in your feelings or do you just express that a lot? I know it’s a lot of racism down south but it’s a lot of racism everywhere.  Thing about down south is they blunt about it.  No hidden or sneak dissin, or phony kicking it.  You got to respect that.  I rather know what I’m dealin with then be snaked.  Be yourself if you racist cool, be you, and I’ll trea you accordingly.  So when the couple asked if the neighborhood is mostly white I wouldn’t be so offended.  Because white people suppose to wanna be around white people, just like blacks suppose (should) to be around blacks.  No different than a dog wanna hang with dogs and cats with cats.  Them askin doesn’t make them racist (unless you know sum I don’t).  I would’ve just asked em why you askin that?  Or asked do it matter to see how they really stand.  So question I’m askin was they racist?

HW: To be completely transparent, your response to this situation shocked me.  “Be yourself if you racist cool, be you, and I’ll trea you accordingly.”  That’s so different than anything I’ve ever encountered or considered.  Like you’re ok if people are racist?  Or you just prefer people being honest?  Do you think that most people are racist then, and that we should just stop hiding it?

“White people suppose to wanna be around white people…” isn’t that in and of itself racist?  What I’m trying to say, I guess, is that by being exclusive of blacks, aren’t those whites being racists? [SL: No they just being white]

And back to the story…so it really doesn’t bother you that he asked if the neighborhood was mostly white people?  It doesn’t bother you that he’d turn down the neighborhood if it were occupied with more blacks?  You asked me if they were racist.  Doesn’t that make them racist? [SL: No.  They shouldn’t care cuz by now we know everybody different]

Sorry for the response full of questions….I’m not upset or anything by your response, it was just so different from what I expected.  I’m really looking forward to hearing more about this.

SL: Ok.  I explain this in one my journals before but I’ll do it again.  I’ll answer each of yo questions in order, but first let me explain my definition of racist.  I believe people who are racist believe they race is superior than the next.  They look down on others.  They believe they’re better than other races as a whole.  SO no I’m not okay with that.  I know everybody regardless of race is subject to the same laws of nature which makes nobody superior.  However everybody is entitled to their own thoughts (no matter how sick/twisted they are).

Therefore I respect honesty of someone else opinion.  Meanin yea be real about it so I can handle you accordingly.  I don’t want you to be a snake.  Do I believe most people are racist?  No I don’t.  But I do believe most people are prejudice.  Rather they know it or not.  Prejudice is a preconceived opinion.  Or damage or injury likely to happen to person or person’s right as a result of other’s action or judgment.  Meaning America made us prejudice to each other by using other people/race actions to judge them as a whole.

Movies, the new, rappers, media all gave America a preconceived opinion of the black man.  The white man as well.  So people judge others off of what they think before knowing who they deal with.

White’s want to be around whites.  Is not racist to me.  That’s normal.  Most whites feel more comfortable around whites.  People should want to be comfortable.  Like dogs hang with dogs, and cats with cats.  Black people with black people.  White people makes us comfortable people want to know what to expect from the people around them when you mix races, all these opinions are mixed then everybody worry about what somebody think of them as an individual.  And before they individuality is judged they assume it’s the race being judged before hand.

So if you dealin with a wolf in a wolf clothes then you got your enemy in sight.  You know what to do.  A wolf in a sheep clothes will fool you.  You’ll look up and SPLASH!  You dead.