“Get yo money girl”


HW (05/17/2017): We’ve had a bunch of big expenses come up :(  This sucks :(  I messed up reading through TriCare (military health insurance) jargon and turns out my husband wasn’t covered for his dental appointment…that’s a casual $400 mistake.  Not to mention my husband needed a new phone (his was glitching out), I needed new glasses (mine were giving me headaches), we need new tires (the tread is like nonexistent) (I’m a little pissed off my husband hasn’t taken care of that ages ago), and, AND the check engine light (beacon of death) has just popped up on our Equinox…

I’m sorry if I’m sounding whiney.  I just feel suddenly like the bubble has popped: my husband and I have made it living simply, cheaply, off of that one salary. And now it all comes tumbling down.  I’ve been looking for jobs last night and this morning.  It’s not the end of the world by any stretch.  It’s just stressful, is all.

SL: A bad time to ask for some money huh? Lol. Proper preparation prevents poor performance.  Life wouldn’t be life without mistakes and mess-ups.  Question: Why live simple and cheap?  Too much money ain’t enough money!

HW: I guess we’re living simple and cheap because I wasn’t working.  There were so many upsides to me not working.  I was able to focus on creative projects, taking classes, building relationships, reaching out to those I loved.  Being available to my husband when he was home.  I told myself I couldn’t get a job because…well, because the jobs available were for evening/weekend hours, and I wanted to be home when my husband was.  And in my head we weren’t going to be in Mississippi long enough for me to have a job.  Now that I’ve been in the school system I know I could’ve gotten a job as a sub or something SO easily.  I’m working now, and although we have fewer financial stressors, sometimes I miss how easy we had it in MS.

SL: Good to hear. Get yo money girl. You better start working. Hubby ain’t tryna carry the whole load on his own.