The Psychology of Vacuuming


HW: A little bit of a lighter one today folks about the evils of vacuuming...

House Life (03/30/2017): Ugh I hate vacuuming.  Like the chore.  Which is kind of hilarious because we really don’t have that much carpet in this apartment…like honestly vacuuming would take me all of five minutes if I actually went upstairs, got the vacuum and just did it. 

But I hate it.  Literally I would do any other chore.  Like, I’m totally fine with all the other domestic chores I do.  Just this morning I’ve washed the dishes, taken out the trash, started the laundry, tidied up a few things, started prep for dinner, I even took care of the compost (which is disgusting, btw)…all to procrastinate from vacuuming.  I don’t know what it is that makes me hate it so much. 

Lol, maybe something happened in my childhood to make me hate vacuuming (jk).  I just know that my husband really needs the vacuuming to get done…he has horrible allergies and if I don’t do it he’ll be feeling really shitty when he gets home.  Haha, I promised to love the guy for better or for worse but vacuuming might be the line.

SL: Lol.  This sound like a serious problem to you.  I don’t understand though.  Why don’t you like vacuuming?  Is it the noise, the weight of the vacuum?  Maybe you should be a new one, you think that then you wouldn’t hate it?  Or maybe it’s deeper than that. 

Remember you said you like to be in control, so now you stress how bad vacuuming is needed it’s like you lost control of choice to do it cause you have to do it…which could explain why you hate it.  Make sense?  Your other chores don’t have to be done but you do it cause it’s needed to be complete.  Me, I hate sweeping.  So I’ll side with vacuumin any day!

HW: I just want to quick just note how much I appreciate how Dahvie never belittles me.  Like I spent a whole three paragraphs complaining about vacuuming and he was so thoughtful and considerate about it.  Like he might be thinking that I’m crazy and spoiled (which is probably true) but instead he really works to help me out.