Judgments (comments on "S-Town")


HW: I'm addicted to podcasts.  I listen to them while I'm doing almost anything...washing dishes, driving, cleaning, trying to fall asleep.  It was hilarious for me that SL had no idea what a podcast was.  If you're interested, definitely check out "S-Town," the storytelling is super intriguing.

House Thoughts (04/03/2017): I’m listening to a new podcast right now, “S-Town,” produced by Serial and This American Life.  I could talk for hours about that but I just want to focus on something that the reporter, Brian Reed, said.   A man, named Tyler, asked the reporter “Am I a bad person?” 

You see, Tyler had threatened to torture a man, allegedly stole a bunch of stuff, among other things. However, Tyler was in a bad situation: he had been raised by a child molester. Reed’s response: “I see you as a complicated, normal person.  I don’t agree with some of your decisions, but you’ve had a very different life experience than I’ve had.”  It caught me off guard.  A complicated, normal person. 

There is just so much wisdom to this. There are many people that I’m tempted to call “bad people” when they do bad things.  I'm inspired by Reed’s response in these situation when I’m tempted to label someone as a bad person. This doesn’t mean that the bad actions are “alright”—it means that I’m willing to acknowledge that we all sin, we all make huge mistakes sometimes.

SL: Once again you’re doin something foreign to me.  Lol.  Podcast.  What is that?  A radio talkshow.  Sorry for not knowing, but it sound educational.  I understand I can learn from anything as you did listening to some boring people talk about nothing relevant or beneficial to my life (IDK about yours) but I ain’t trippin so you can’t either. 

Everybody is their own complicated life.  I don’t call people good or bad for the simple fact that’s opinionated.  People so quick to judge what people do without ever experiencing the things that person been through to understand why they do what they do.  Like you said we all make huge mistake sometimes.  So I try not to judge besides who really care what someone else thing?  Especially if they not in a better position or relevant to your life.  Like lil Wayne say “We be passin blunts, they be passin judgments!" (RNS [real nigga shit])