"It was like a performance at a circus"

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Victoria is a Catholic Navy wife and a new mom. Dahvie is an incarcerated Chicago gang member. They write letters back and forth (you can learn more about it here). In this post, Dahvie shares the violent consequences for a naive newbie.


Dahvie:  On the new!  Aye skudd where you from?  Them the rants you hear when somone new comes on the deck.  Judgin by the time which was around 1am I knew he was fresh off the streets.  Damn I know he sick!  Especially to be comin to div 9 max [the prison that Dahvie is in}, I’m knowin he fightin some drama.  Now what make this situations different from all the other ones is he come clean in frontin his shove, or in other words “exposing his hand”

Part 2 (same day): This nigga must be dumb, stupid, and retarded!  He answered every question the deck threw at him.  Now let me remind you it’s 44 inmates on this deck.  You know if you in the field or not, with hella opps yall know if your block into it or not. 

Anyway as dude was coming in, people get to screening him.  Where you from?  He answer, M. O. B. [a particular gang], now remind you he can’t see who he talkin to.  M. O. B. has hella opps.  Mostly BDs. 600, 300, tay town [other gangs] and few others all clicked up. 

Once he exposed his whole hand to the deck, mfs act like he was another person who is from his hood that’s locked up (bait for the fish).  Aye this bug boy what up!  Dude instantly turn up over excited thinkin he land on deck with his homie ahhhh wats up boy!!! WTF.  Not know these the same niggas that beat bug ass (which I witnessed). 

Now that they got the fish on the hook (with his dumb ass) they wheel him in, what you locked up for.  He, a body, they on who, he say dude name and all type of shit all on the gallery! Like who does that?  A straight goofie. 

Now niggas excited askin plenty questions related to the war that’s goin on between them, already knowin they gonna kill him in the morning.  Remind you it’s like 25 of these niggas that’s clicked up and from the same block together that’s over here.  Playin with him, another pretends to be another one of his homies, now the guy says damn that don’t sound like swag.  This me man!  Conversation carry on for a while the night.  Once they finished another say holla to they homie he one of “them,” but dude ain’t even peep it.

Needless to say they jumped him in the morning.  Morning rolled around and they got busy on him.  A nigga snaked him, made his head bounce off the wall.  Then another dude put him to sleep with a perfect 4 piece all face shots.  Now his body slumped.  He’s on his knees, face down out cold.  Guess his opps didn’t feel like this was enough, a 3rd guy hop out the shower with a 30 (a spray bottle filled with water and shit) and spray him down right in his face!  The shit woke him up.

Literally as he screamed a animal like sound running for help to the co’s bubble all everybody do was laugh.  It was like a performance at a circus.  Shit was krazy.  The man fell out three times out in the interlock before bein walked out.  A few hours later they come (police) and told the people involve to pack up they stuff cuz the camera caught them.  Now the effect from they dumb ass got the deck hot cuz they wanna refuse. 

Now I’m on deck with my rappie matter fact we cellies ain’t nobody tryna move, but after that bullshit they threatening to break the deck up.  Ima be over pissed.  Plus my commissary just came after I’ve been waiting for over 10 days.  3 days over its due day.  Me and bro finally able to eat together.  Like real dips.  Tuna, chicken breast, summer dog, ramen noddle’s, chips, cheese all rolled up in some tortilla shells like burritos.  They taste good too.

Victoria: First of all, this story read like an action story.  It was super tense for me!  Hearing about how they tricked that guy into exposing all of that information…that was really suspenseful. I knew something bad was going to happen and I just was super on edge about it.  And then reading how they attacked him…I almost couldn’t read all of that It was just so horrible.  I sound so dumb saying this all the time but I just didn’t know it could get that bad…I mean, you see it in the tv shows but I thought that stuff was all exaggerating.

Second, this story gave me really good understanding into how the cell block works, and not just the violence.  Hearing about how people come in at all times, how many people there are, all the gangs…I’m slowly starting to piece together how everything works, which is a cool feeling.

Third, I love how this story ends with burritos.  That just totally came out of the blue after that horrifying scene. But in a weird way it makes a lot of sense to me…you’ve gotta keep on living your “normal” life even with all of the crazy stuff going on.

SL: Ima say this one time.  Movies ain’t got shit on the real life.  Life will go on so I will too.  Plus I’m from Chicago I seen A LOT of things.  That was nothing.